Thursday, April 2, 2009

A mighty Army!

My mom sent this poem to me months ago. It touched my heart then and it touches my heart today! It is short, simple yet encouraging to know that we are truly doing what we are called to do by raising these children in the knowledge of our Lord! My little redheaded army is strong, full of potential, delicate, passionate, and Godly! Thank you Jesus for your armor!

There is a mighty army
Being trained to stand and fight.
A Battlefield of soldiers
Learning what is right.
A Company of warriors
That will boldly take the Word
To every tribe and nation
Til every soul has heard.
There is a mighty army,
I see them everywhere.
They are wearing diapers
And dragging Teddy Bears.
Infants in the training
Drilled in right and wrong.
Mom and Dad are making
Soldiers brave and Strong.
There is a mighty army
Trained in righteous war.
Cheer them on to victory,
Children of the LORD!
Have you ever fought a spiritual battle? One that is so deep, and raw that you know it could be nothing else. The Bible tells us that there is a battle going on in the Heavenlies for our souls. There are times when I literally feel the enemy and God tugging at the rope strings of my heart. It is so spiritual it is almost physical. Have you ever been there?
Do you wear your helmet of salvation and your breastplate of righteousness?
Do you carry your double edged sword, that is the word, to fight your battles?
I just want to encourage you today to stand up, or fall to your knees, rather, and be bold in your walk! We are called to fight the good fight of faith and although it is difficult, it is so very rewarding.

Parents, hear my heart today. Pray over your children every single day. Pray for their future, for their dreams, for their protection and safety. Pray for their future spouse and their future children. Pray over their future finances, that they would be blessed! Pray that they would have strong discernment and a heart to love the Lord even at their young age. Bind together with your spouse and make it a point to pray over these little ones. They are our future army in this fight of faith. They are the future generation that will soon be leading us! God has awesome, powerful, remarkable things for YOUR child.
Do you see it?

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