Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Thanks to Oprah for giving me today's blogging idea. I cant stand Oprah by the way. I think I've made that clear, but I do watch her. Every day. Because she has good stories. Anyway the Oprah debate is a whole different topic so....

On yesterday's show, Oprah had an audience of all mothers. All of the women skyping in were mothers. It was funny and honest and true. I enjoyed it! The women were discussing different topics such as "Before I was a mother, nobody told me..." and the mothers talked about their sex lives after children and gave candid confessions of motherhood. So I wanted to do a little of the same and ask that you guys join in on your own blogs or in my comment box!

*Before I was a mother, nobody told me that I would do 6+ sink fulls of dishes every.day.
*Nobody told me that colic could last for the entire first year of a babies life.
*Nobody told me that I would bleed SO much right after having a baby.
*Nobody told me that I would get stretch marks everywhere or that they would make my stomach saggy for life.
*Nobody told me that I would waking up in the middle of the night, every night to check on my kids after having them.
*Nobody told me about the panic that sometimes comes with having babies.
*Nobody told me that I wouldnt bond with my baby right away and that it was ok.
*Nobody told me that I would have to wash my 19 month old's bed sheets more than once a day due to the fact that he pees through his diaper faithfully every time he sleeps.

...And my Motherhood Confession of the week...
I confess that yesterday after Nora ate lunch, I let Heidi lick her high chair tray clean so that I wouldnt have to wash it.

Your turn! Cant wait to hear your side of motherhood. It's joyful isnt it? A blessing like none other. The most difficult and challenging task yet the most rewarding of all things in this life. Being a mother changed me in the most profound ways and I am thankful!

Speaking of motherhood, Rachel & Amos are still trying to have a baby! Please keep them in your prayers as God decides to bless them and expand the Pettit family! We love you guys and there is an awesome plan in store for you both!


Kalli said...

Good idea!

Totally cracking up because mine are so similar.

Rachel said...

Awww Rame! Thanks so much. Here's mine-Nobody told me that you could still have so so so much sex and still NOT make a baby HAHA.