Friday, April 10, 2009

Nora talk.

Nora: Guess What, Mom? I'm gonna kill you.
Me: What? What did you just say?
Nora: (with her head slightly bent and ever so innocently) I'm gonna kill you.

In this circumstance I know for sure that the dog is to blame. I'm beginning to think getting Heidi was a bad idea after all. She is a puppy and is constantly chewing up EVERYTHING, including dirty diapers from the trash can. Sometimes (yes, on more than one occasion) I have said the words "Ughhhh Heidi! I'm going to kill you!"
And now you see my dilemma.


Rachel said...


Anonymous said...

WOw! You know on Christmas morning my son was playing with one of his "hunting guns".. Not real of course. Just a toy. We always tell him he isn't aloud to aim it at people only at deer. Well Christmas morning he looked at me and said "mom I'm gonna kill you." Completely freaked me out too.... I did the same thing and questioned him, "what did you say?".. and he said it again. We have never used that word in the house because we try to say hunted instead.. when referring to hunting deer, but he picked it up from my brother in-law. Quite a shocking thing to hear from a 2 or 3 year old. But was said so innocently you know they are just repeating what they hear! So funny how they seem to repeat EVERYTHING we say! I find my little girl repeating EVERYTHING I say.. It's a little scary at times! lol> Especially when I goof and say something I really shouldn't have said. Oh well.. live and learn right!?!? LOL!! Thanks for sharing a mommy moment! ;-) Hope your little guy is feeling better soon! He is in our prayers!

Kalli said...

Ohhhh. Man. I've been eating my words a lot lately, too. Haha. Ry did the same thing (thanks to Jaiden), but she was pointing one of her play kitchen knives at me. It's so hard to watch every little thing that comes out of your mouth when its stuff like that, but it will ALL get repeated sooner or later, and then you feel like a big jerk. All part of the process I suppose :) Have a good Easter!!