Tuesday, April 28, 2009


After my complete breakdown yesterday, I feel very refreshed and renewed today. I have to credit some of my anxiety and the somewhat manic phases I am having to the fact that this is my first month off of my birth control in a very long time. I feel intense overflow of emotions and PMS symptoms and now I remember how ugly it can be in my presence without medication. Oh...let me explain the pill situation...
My prescription ran out and my Dr. wont fill it until I have my annual pap. I needed it filled THE day that I called and so I was already going to be behind. No, to soothe your quickening mind, I am NOT planning on, nor trying to get pregnant. That is just not on the agenda, although I am not opposed to the idea. Daniel, however, is very strong willed and determined to never let that happen.
After yesterday's post, I'm sure you can all see why.

Last night we were watching Dancing with the stars with Jeni. Nora had watched almost the entire show with us in silence. Then a male dancer comes out in a tight outfit and was shaking his hips like they do and Nora looked at me with her eyebrows burrowed and very concerned.
"That boy is nasty, mom."
I said, "No honey he's not nasty. He's just dancing."
Now in a very loud and aggressive voice she replies, "He IS nasty. That boy IS nasty mom!"

My mom watched the babies for me this morning so I could go have breakfast with a friend from Jr. High/High School. Laura and I were good friends at different times during our teenage years but lost touch when I left the public school and followed my husband half way across the country. Ahem.
Anyway, it is a nasty, cold, rainy day outside here today. When I got home about an hour later my mom told me that her and Nora were on the couch together and out of nowhere Nora looks at her and says,
"Nanny, it's going to be a beautiful day today."
If only we could all see the world through the eyes of a babe.

You know what I love about this blog?
It's mine.
I can express how I'm feeling, say whatever I want to say and generate conversations based on the things that are flowing from my brain to this computer.
You know what I love about my readers?
You love me, support me and pray for me regardless of the material I write about. Your friendship is endless and without reserve. It is not based on my attitude or opinions or even my mood swings. And I have learned to appreciate the fact that if you don't want to hear about my bad days, you can choose not to read. And I would prefer it that way if it's just going to cause you to feel aggravated or frustrated at me for how I'm feeling.
This is MY blog and these are MY feelings.
And that makes whatever I say valid. At least to me and those who love me.
So thank you.
Keep loving, reading, and praying.

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