Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tired and grumpy

I'm exhausted. The kind of tired that (I think) only a mother can feel. Braden has been sick for what seems like a lifetime. His fever is gone, but his symptoms all seem the same. I'm frustrated and tired of him hanging all over me. It drains the life right out of me to mother this child, although the rewards and perks are sometimes great. For instance, the fact that I cant get him near me on typical days but when he's sick he wants to sunggle his life away. That's kind of nice. ;)

Nora is still climbing out of her crib. She has gotten in bed with us twice in the last week at 3 am. And then the rest of the night is downhill. I have huge bags under my eyes and feel sick to my stomach. Oh and it's rainy, which has led to a nice little headache this evening. Oh boy, I'm Debbie Downer tonight. haha.

Today Nora ran into the living room with no pants or diaper on and said "Look at me Mommy! I'm naked!" I took this as a chance to get her to use the potty chair! We ran in there so fast and got on the toilet. We were just talking and I said "Where is your diaper Nora?" She said "On the back of the couch mommy." So a few more minutes go by and she looks at me suddenly alarmed and says, "Heidi ate my poop mom!"
Sure enough when I turned the corner to the toy room, there was Heidi licking Nora's poopy diaper clean. Yummy. Now, mind you, I didnt know Nora had pooped because her butt was squeaky clean as well. Hmmmm.......

A new session of classes have started at the Y. I've had new people in both of mine and although I love it more than anything, I'm just so tired. I need some nice weather to motivate me!

My eyes are super shaky tonight because I'm tired so I can hardly focus on the screen of the computer. Frustrating because I usually can never tell when they are moving. My leg is in extreme amounts of pain today and I'm almost certain that seeing the Dr. is coming. My mom is concerned that something else is going on and now I've let it go too long. Please continue to pray for healing as I'm believe that it is already healed in the name of Jesus!

Oh and I wanted to mention that Daniel got an interview for a correction's officer job in a nearby town tomorrow night at 7:20. Please be interceding for him during that time! It is such a freeing feeling knowing that if it is in God's will for him to have this job, he will. If the door does not open, we will also be at peace with that. Either way we appreciate your support, love and prayers and I will keep you updated! We love you all more than you know!

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Mrs. R said...

Hope you start feeling better! Good luck to Daniel, I hope things work out somehow on the job front for him soon! And I have to say I laughed out loud at Nora, Heidi and the poop. =)