Monday, April 6, 2009

weekend update.

I have found over the last couple of weeks when you ask God to come in and change your heart, speak to you and make Himself known in others...He likes to do just that. I have been so spiritually conflicted the last few days. I am at this place that I have not been for a long time and I love it, but it's also overwhelming. I feel this deep and intense desire to speak the word constantly and to be in prayer almost always. I always feel that way but this is an all consuming feeling. It is powerful! God answers the prayers of the upright! I have a debatable topic I will be posting about soon and cant wait to hear your ideas, beliefs and thoughts on the subject. Be on the lookout for when God prompts me to let loose!

For those of you unaware, it is the 6th of April. And yes...I did wake up to snow covering the ground. I love Illinois. We had a great night last night and a really good weekend over all. We went to church last night which was refreshing as we havent been to an evening service in a very long time. The kids had fun playing in the nursery with Krystal's youngest brother, Jordan. He enjoyed it too! haha. Before we went into the church, Daniel looked at me and said "You look nice wearing earrings."
It's the simplest things that get me.

This morning, half asleep, I found myself laying hands on Daniel's sore throat to pray for him to have strength to get through the day. He doesnt feel well, it's cold and there is snow on the ground and he has a long work day ahead of him. Even in my sleep I was pleading with Jesus for my husband. Now that is a good feeling!

The kids are great! Braden's feet smell amazing and Nora is consistently climbing out of her crib after nap time and in the morning. It's kind of neat how she will still lay in there to take the nap or sleep without a battle but will hop right on out when she's done. She's a good girl! Last night in church, when worship started, she was holding the hymnal and you could literally hear her singing over the music and the whole congregation. We of course let her sing her little heart out because the Lord promised us she would sing His praises. We will never discourage her from doing so! It was cute in the most beautiful kind of way;)
Thats all that is happening here. Hope you all are well! We love you so so much!

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Rachel said...

Ooohhh debatable--you must tell me what it is. I will be on the look out.