Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What are redheads made of?

What are redheads made of you ask?
It's hard to describe, even harder to grasp.
What makes them different?
What makes them unique.
It's the faces they make and the way that they think.
In my experience, they're hard to explain
they are so energetic
and much harder to tame.

Redheaded girls suffer from PMS...
Redheaded mommy's always know best.....when they're awake they are hard to keep,
but when they are sick they fall fast to sleep.

They're easy to love, but hard to come by.
They will laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry.
Together forever and never apart...
...They'll tug at your shirt and they'll tug at your heart.
Maybe it's just me or the moo-moo's they wear?
...who thinks they're so gorgeous... could be that hair!...
It could be the boy,
or the tantrums he throws
...the smiles he gives...
... how he crinkles his nose...
What makes them cute?
You still do not know?
The faces they make...
...and how they cross their toes...!
Redheads are made of the sweetest of things
The color of hair, the beautiful genes.
Aggressive sometimes and loud with no care
They love when they're noticed...
they'll take a good stare.

Please do not whisper and make no mistake
They're called for a purpose.
They're called to be great!

You see it is not the hair on their head
that makes them different
when they lie down for bed.
It is their maker who has suited them best.
To be like none other by His own request.

So when you see us out and about
Not one, not two but three..have no doubt
We may look much different than others you see...
These are my children
They're perfect to me.

Girls are made up of sugar and spice
ribbons and pink and everything nice.
Redheaded girls like to sing, yell and dance
get kinda angry, show off and prance.

Little boys play with tractors and trains
they like to get dirty and eat froggy brains.
Redheaded boys drive their mommy's insane
They fall on purpose yet feel little pain.

Next time you wonder what we're made of inside
Take a good look and smile with pride
The Father tells us we're all set apart.
You can blame the redheads
THEY stole His heart!


Natalie said...

Ramee - that is so stinkin cute! Love it!

Kalli said...

That was just about the cutest ever. Your children are gorgeous...but you already know that!

Mrs. R said...

Sooooooooooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

I love that Ramee!!! See today was better!!! lol

Rachel said...

Ahhh, LOVE IT!!!! I really love Nora's PMS face.. sweet.

Anonymous said...

This was SO CUTE!!! God has blessed you with great talent in writing! I just love to read it, brings a smile to my face! Your read heads are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!!

Jackelyn said...

I LOVE it Ramee!