Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another day in the life...

Last night as we are all eating dinner in the kitchen, a roach crawls out from under the microwave. Some of you are disgusted right now, but I am officially convinced that it was a wood roach. Last year at this exact time I saw exactly one roach and not another one since. And then last night I saw one. Now, trust me, if I see even one more I WILL be bombing this place. But anyway, back to the story that practically defines my every day life.... the bug crawls out. Daniel's mouth fell open. My mouth fell open--both in astonishment that this creature would crawl out at exactly the moment when we would be eating dinner all around the small island in our kitchen. All at once Nora screams and points, "Look at that! Look at that! Look at that! Look at that!!!" And then, in the deepest, roughest, raspiest voice I have ever heard, my 20 month old looks at the small animal and simply says..."Buuuuugggy."

One exact definition for "nervous breakdown," according to google is as follows:
"an attack of depression or anxiety so severe that it prevents a person from continuing to function normally."
My definition for "nervous breakdown," is as follows:
"birthing a child who immediately has colic and never grows out of it and who cries, fusses, whines or makes some sort of obnoxious noise non stop for hours upon hours at a time resulting in a mother who may never, ever again function normally."

So as you can imagine, although I rarely mention it, Braden still cries, fusses, whines or makes some sort of noise ANYTIME the child is awake. Today was no exception to his little bitty rule. The entire morning (all 5 hours of it) was spent listening to this little boy walk around unsatisfied and cry his life away. You think I could console him, ya know, being his mom and all. But I cant. I've been trying. For almost 2 years. Some days he feels like that needy infant that I swaddled and put in the swing for hours, strapping his binky in with the thickness by which he was wrapped in. Only now he is bigger and stronger. And Louder. Lord help me.
I started reading "The strong willed child" by Dr. James Dobson today. Here's hoping that I take away from it some good pointers for raising these lovely babies.

I know you can all sit at your computers and giggle as you read about the days we have in our home. It is funny, after all, especially when you arent the one living it. Keep in mind as you're reading that it is important to bind together and pray for one another as we all venture in our own adventures of parenting. We may not always agree with the way other parents decide to feed, discipline or even diaper their babes but we must agree that we all have a difficult and wonderful job to do. It takes many days of commitment, patience, love and forgiveness and we cannot achieve any of those attributes without the power of prayer from others who may be experiencing the exact same difficulties and challenges. I read many of your blogs (and if I dont know you please comment or email me at so that I can!) and pray over them almost daily. Please know that it is important to me to know that I have friends who love and care about us praying for our lives in any way at all. I love you all more than you know and I hope that you can feel that every single day when I pray for the Lord to be round about you and your children. This is a crazy time in our lives...this parenting journey. But God is our Lord. The ultimate and only true Father. I pray He continues to teach us how to be more like Him. Thank you Lord for your example!!!

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