Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Call me, Lord.

My desire is to be a virtuous woman.
A woman whose children honor her and respect her. A mother who teaches Godly lessons and gives wisdom daily. I long to be this woman who is patient, gentle, kind, giving and loving. I want to know that if something happened to me today, I could best be described this way to my children. I long for my task of raising redheads to be a ministry unto God. That He would be glorified in the day to day obligations and chores of mothering. I want to know that the fruits of my labor will be seen through my children in years to come. I long for them to see me as a dignified, strong, submissive yet powerful woman. A woman that prays, seeks the face of God, trusts Him, maintains relationships, strives for joyfulness and seeks peace. I want my children to see me exercise in patience, long suffering, & forgiveness. I want them to see me reaching out to those in need, giving what I can and accepting each and every person that enters into my life.
I am striving for this idea of the woman I want to be. The mother I want to be. The wife I long to be.

It is not perfection that I am hoping for day to day. It is simply that which the Lord has called us to be. He longs for us to have these same characteristics that I daily pray to gain. My heart literally beats to succeed in these areas of my life. I feel so upset, guilty and frustrated when I fall short. And I do. Everyday. It's so intriguing to me to accept this journey that we are called for. It is such a growing process to live for the Lord. One day I pray I'll look back and giggle at the attributes that I possess today, knowing that I have grown to a deeper place because of this time.

The Lord of my heart is the same God whose spirit speaks to me so clearly. The same God that gives me a great peace about the smallest details in our lives. He is the same Lord whose plan is to see us prosper and give us great provision. He is the same Lord who protects us. This God that gives and takes away is also the Darling of Heaven. He is my Lord. I long to be the woman that He desires me to be. Help, me Lord.
Call me to great virtue.
Proverbs 31:10-31

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