Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Come to my window...

I know you are all dying to peer through our windows and see whats happening inside this home from day to day. My goal with this blog is to give you all a little insight into my world. I know there are far more interesting families, dont get me wrong. MckMama has 4 children under 4! My friend Sarah has twin girls a little older than Braden, a baby on the way and her husband is deployed! Life for these moms has to be just as, if not more, interesting than ours.

So what is the attraction to our household? I believe it could be our redheads that are just barely 13 months apart. They are not the average children, you see. I have been blogging about the calling on their lives for what seems like years, but it is not even the calling of God that makes them remarkably interesting. It's fabulous and exciting to know they are called of the Lord for great purposes, but what makes them really, overly interesting and even comical is their strong-willed personalities, coupled with their aggressive and tenacious nature. I did not end up with one laid back child and one aggressive child. I have TWO hard headed, outspoken, beautiful babes. That, my friends, makes this home a crazy, beautiful mess.

With all of that being said, let me explain, in the best detail I can, our morning of madness. At a little before 7 am, I'm sleeping in bed; peacefully dreaming of Jon & Kate for the second night in a row. I believe I'm PMSing because that is when the dreams begin. I often hyper-focus on things that are subconscieously bothering me in my sleep. Anyway, getting back to our morning. As I'm peacefully sleeping and praying that the kids let me do so a little longer, I hear it. The sound of Nora's bedroom door slamming shut because she clearly is her father's child. We finally switched her from her crib to her toddler bed. It's working really well other than the middle of the night slumber parties in our room and early morning wake up calls thanks to her old wooden door. I roll over, pretending that I didnt just hear that dreaded sound. My suspicions were confirmed about 2 milliseconds later when Nora's voice is directly behind my head, loudly stating that "she wants chocolate milk now, mom!" I politely asked her to get into bed with me because it is still night time. Mr. Sun had not woke up yet and we shouldnt either. She obliged but not without screaming at me to turn on cartoons. I did. 5 minutes later she started in again, this time stating that "she is going downstairs!" as she proceeds to do so. She leaves me no choice to roll out of bed, and follow.

We got the chocolate milk and turned on Bambi 2, which happens to be far too sad for me to watch. I got on the floor with her and began playing blocks. We made castles, houses, choo choo trains and anything else she wanted to make. A few minutes went by before we heard what sounded like crashing thunder outside. It only took me 3 or 4 minutes to realize that it was not thunder, but my 20 month old lumber jack above us, rocking and shaking his crib in order to get my attention. Nora laughed and we both went upstairs to greet him for the day.

Last night I made a huge dinner and homemade peanut butter cookies (again, PMSing.) So in order to get to the sink to begin making breakfast, I first had to make a path through the piles of dishes; half of which were already done. No, we do not have a dishwasher. ahem. The kids were in the toy room and because they typically dont eat well or at all if they are in their high chairs, I have begun giving in to the idea of letting them eat (at least there breakfast) in there. Nora sits on the floor and I drag the high chair in there for Braden. Some mothers would disagree with this notion, saying that I am starting bad habits and that I will regret it later. Some would say that they will eat when they are hungry and I shouldnt give in to the temptation of letting them eat where they play. Considering that my children are 2 and 1, I am not convinced that I am doing a lifetime of harm to them by allowing them to eat their breakfast in the toy room. I quite enjoy seeing them indulge in their breakfast, rather than remaining hungry until lunch time. But, thats just me.

Anyway, I finished their eggs and toast and proceeded to pick up the high chair to carry into the toy room. Bad idea to carry it all together, I know that now. We have a gate that separates the toy room from the dining room because Heidi pees on the carpet in the toy room and nowhere else in the house. She's a genius. So I climbed over the gate and sat Nora's plate on the couch while she finished her castle. I go back to get the highchair and other plate of food but Braden (of course) has to be held as well. Again, most moms would let him fuss for a second while they finished the task at hand. Most moms dont have Braden for a child. His cry is still as gut wrenching, and ear piercing as it was when he was just a tiny newborn. Only now, he is big and feisty and loud. So I picked him and pulled the high chair over the gate successfully. As I sit it down and try to manage taking the tray off to slide the large boy into the seat, the plate of food literally goes FLYING out of my arms and lands upside down on my carpet and the kids' large elmo chair. An egg. Sunny side up egg. Lovely.

Maybe what makes this story even funnier is that I have this terrible discomfort when it comes to cleaning carpet. Why you may ask? Because I cannot stand to rub dry material against dry carpet back and forth. I know I know. It's strange. Ok, It's beyond strange but I cant stand it. It makes me feel queasy and almost nauseous. But, there is a huge yellow stain from the egg so I had to do it. And it made me ill. I then had to make another egg for Nora because I gave Braden hers after his toppled to the ground. I walk back to the kitchen and begin making the egg but am disrupted by the sound of our miniature daschund (retard) yelping and scratching the door from outside wanting to come in. I JUST PUT HER OUT SECONDS BEFORE. But just like Braden, the dog is relentless. Not only are my redheads strong willed and extremely demanding but we happened to purchase a dog that meets them at their level. It's like a funny joke. Only not.

I made the egg. Neither child ate. It is only 9:45 and my day has just begun. Oh and I wanted to clarify that Braden had 2 baths yesterday while Nora and Heidi came in at a tie with one a piece. If you're ever in the area and want to peek in our toy room window, go ahead. Proceed with caution. It's a crazy life raising redheads.


Natalie said...

You crack me up...I drove by your house this morning on the way to drop the girls off & was tempted to come peak in your windows. HA! But I thought it just might freak you out!

Anonymous said...

This cracks me up too! :-) I love to hear about your crazy and fun filled days~~ Because they sound almost to close to what my days are like! Though I can say I do have strong willed children (do I know EXACTLY what you mean).. but they aren't red heads like yours! I do think the red hair adds a touch of adorableness! Okay if that is a word! lol!! :-) Once again thanks for sharing your life with us! It made my day! ;-)

Anonymous said...

P.S.. Sorry I meant "so I know exactly what you mean!" My spelling, grammer, and puctuation aren't the greatest these days! I am sure homeschooling will help me touch up on that in the near future!! LOL!! Have a GREAT day!