Saturday, May 9, 2009

A few of my*current* favorite things

Happy Saturday Friends!
Today the post office was holding a Food Drive and since Daniel works for them, I decided it would be a good idea if I pitched in even a little. Jake and I went around to houses and picked up the bags of food that were left on the porches and it was a really good thing! Jake is still with Daniel now. They're both having a really good time. It feels so good to know you're helping those in need!

Last night we took the kids out to the lake to eat at the "Boondocks." It was so much fun! Nora got to see 5 deer up close and personal and she got to see some fish (they were dead....but she didnt know that.) She said "Hey Fish! How you been?" I about lost it. We had a great night and the kids were soooo exhausted. They even slept til after 9 this morning. It felt so good to sleep like that!

So after a quick update I wanted to post a few of my most recent favorite things. You know it's always fun to see what's on everyone else's mind, or even wish list! Have a good evening and A great mother's day tomorrow!

I am currently dying to have this exact laptop. sigh. someday.I love my gold flip flops! They dont look exactly like this pair, but I swear I feel sexier just by slipping them on!

Midol, I ♥ thee.

I used to HATE iced coffee drinks. Despise them actually. However, since I am and have been an official coffee drinker for quite some time now, my buds have adjusted and I currently am obsessed with Dairy Queen's moolatte drinks! yummmm.

Weight loss is and always has been about choices. You literally cant go wrong with Special K waffles for breakfast. 2 waffles=180 calories. They're fantastic!

Another one of my favorite breakfast foods has become the Fiber One Pop Tarts. I need all the fiber I can get! at 190 calories each, they're filling and extremely good! I love them!
Ok, this next thing is important! You all know that I'm a huge die hard fan of Biggest Loser. We dont miss an episode in this house! Next Tuesday on the finale (May 12) there will be a chance for America to vote on a contestant for next season. My friend Brittany from Kentucky has a friend name Erinn. Erinn is competing for a shot to be on the next season of the Biggest Loser! She needs us to watch the show and vote as much as possible via phone and Internet to ensure her place! Can you all pitch in and help? You know I will be and I think it is great! Good Luck Erinn!! We're rooting for you!

**And now, I am tagging all of my blogging friends (and all of you that read!!!) to update me on your current favorite things!!! Leave me a comment to let me know when your blog is updated!

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Mrs. R said...

Thank you Ramee, I really appreciate you getting the word out!! =)

I'm working on a list of my favorite things!!