Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday update.

Two nights ago as we're laying on the couch getting ready to drag ourselves to bed, Nora says to me...
"My belly's got a headache, mom."
Yesterday was a fun day! It was finally nice outside since it feels like it has been raining here for a lifetime. It's cloudy right now and is predicted to rain and thunderstorm for the next 3 days. Lovely. Anyway, the "MayDay's" carnival is in town and started last night. I was thankful to get one sunny day in while we had the chance because the kids LOVED it! They both rode everything they were able to at least 2 times and some plenty more! They had a blast and when it was time to go they both cried big ol' crocodile tears the whole way back to the van. That's the hardest part about doing anything fun with them at this age. They still just dont understand...

I really wanted to be able to take them but of course I had to walk alot (more than I have been for sure). I then had to go to the store and walk some more. Needless to say I cried myself to sleep because of the amount of pain my leg was in. I was feeling rather sorry for myself. I said to Daniel is my exhaustion..."I just wanted to take them to maydayssssss..." in my whiniest voice if you can imagine. The rain tends to make it all worse too. I know it is a bone injury because it just aches and aches when the weather changes. It's a terrible thing. Please pray for me if and when it's brought to your thoughts. I appreciate it so much!

Braden is the sweetest thing. Every morning I hand him his chocolate milk while he lays on the couch to watch his shows (usually Elmo's world, which he can say brilliantly as "Elmo's Nay"). Anyway when I hand him his milk I always say "Thank you Mama," and he repeats "Thank you mommy," in the sweetest, most gentle voice I have ever heard. He's so delicious.

Felicia and Alex are supposed to be home all weekend. Hopefully we'll get a chance to spend some time with them, even if it's a little. I miss them!!!
I started my school work a couple days ago and so far it's a breeze. It probably helped having a nurse for a mom as far as medical terminology goes.
Just wanted to write quickly about the fact that we had a mama bird decide to have her baby birds in my bedroom window sill. There have to be a whole nest of the little suckers because they can sure tweet a loud tune. SO annoying when I'm trying to sleep in on those previously mentioned rainy days. UGH. Hopefully they'll fly the coop before long because I cant handle it much longer. First thing in the morning...chirp chirp chirp. I'm sure they're cute but since I can only hear them and not see them, I wouldnt know.
Have a good day everyone. I'm off to catch up on a few shows before the kids wake up raring to go!

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