Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I love being a mother. I love Raising Redheads.
It is my calling.
I knew I wanted to be a young mom from the time I was a small child. I remember mothering anyone and everyone who would allow me to do so. I remember driving with Daniel in the car when we were 17 years old and he randomly asked me, "When we have kids will you home school them and teach them?" I knew then that I would marry him and have his children. I am so grateful for the man he is and that God saw fit to bless our marriage by giving us not one, but two beautiful redheads to care for! How humbling it is for me to realize who I once was and who I am today.
I am their mother.
I am HER mother.
She changed me life. I adore this little girl more than words can say.
I was captivated by the very thought of her and I still am, at the very sight of her.
She is everything good in my life.
and I am HIS mother.
He changed my idea of mothering. I was terrified at the thought of raising a boy. A son. I am now intrigued at the thought of succeeding in my journey with him. He teaches me strength every single day.
I am their mother.
I accept that I have great responsibility in raising these children. I will remain steadfast and strong in my obedience to the Lord in order to ensure that they hear His name, and one day choose to follow Him for themselves. I will forever see them as my babies. No matter how much they grow, how quickly they change.
They are mine and I am theirs.
I am their mother. (Thank you Lord)
I am so blessed to still have my great grandma here with us on Mother's Day! She is 92 years old! She is Nora and Braden's great-great grandma! How neat. Granny came to visit for a few hours on Friday and it was a great time! The kids were thrilled!

These pictures are from Saturday night. Nora just HAD to have her hair like Aunt Jeni's.

Aunt Jeni turns 21 on Tuesday! We decided to combine Mother's Day with her birthday and grandpa Dan's birthday during our cookout today! It was such a fun day!!!
Let me tell you about my Mother's Day morning. I woke up early and got a bath before the kids were awake. I heard Braden talking and quickly went in to grab up his little body. He's yummy in the mornings, if you didnt know. Anyway, Nora and I were going to head to church by ourselves so the boys could do boy things and get ready for the cookout. When Nora woke up they all gave me my presents. The sweetest cards, a new bath towel/robe and a nice new cooking skillet! They did great and it was so nice to see Nora get excited about giving me something special. We went to church and it was an awesome service. When we came home, everyone quickly arrived and we just had a great day! We opened birthday presents, mother's day gifts and had yummy food and cake! It was great!
Here is a picture of 4 generations of "Moore" genes. My grandpa, dad, Jake and Braden. See the resemblance at all?
Nanny was opening her present and Nora had to get the scoop.
Aunt Jeni with her birthday cake! It had flip flops on it and we decorated with a Hawaiian theme. It was so cute!
Jeni and Noah. Noah graduated from college on Saturday and we are all really proud of him and happy that he is coming back home for awhile. We shall be seeing more of him!
I am blessed beyond measure by the women in my life! I have the greatest, most loving and giving mom that anyone could ask for. She is my best friend and the rock of my life. She gives me great guidance, support and wisdom and I thank the Lord for her ever day. I have a wonderful, helpful and caring mother in law. She is awesome with our kids and loves us with all of who she is. She is faithful to support us and love us no matter what and I hope she knows how much she means to our lives. Grandma Donna is such a special part of my life as well. There are things that she tells me that mean more than she will ever know. I hold them dear to my heart and covet her wisdom as well. She is precious to my life and I am thankful to be sharing so much of it with her! Although Mother's Day is hard without Nanny, I know that we are all so strong and thankful for one another. The closeness that we have is remarkable and I can feel the essence of virtue among us when we are all together. I cant wait for a great family portrait with Nanny when we see her in paradise someday! What a picture that will be!!!
Mom and her "babies"
He cooked our food! and did a great job. Thank you Lord for my husband!
I think this picture will forever be a favorite of mine! Grandpa's smile is priceless and it is just such a special moment. I am thankful for him in our lives!
Jeni opening her big present from my mom for her birthday. She was clearly excited!
Blowing out candles!
Nora and meme being silly as can be!

Bubby always points and wants to be thrown up in the air. We, of course, if you're wondering where I got these arm muscles...
My handsome boys.

When we brought him down, we noticed a little crack on his back...
cutest crack I've ever seen...
Mama's girl being wild today!
We had to bribe her for this picture by the way.
Bribing doesnt quite work with the boy yet though...

Happy Mother's Day, Friends! I hope it was as great for you as it was for me. Today I pray that God would bless you and your children. I pray that the Lord would put his hand upon your family and take you to places of peace and ease with parenting. May you feel his presence and sense His hand upon your lives in this day and every day to come. I also pray that God would bless my best friend, RachelLynn, with the honor of becoming a mother so that next year she can share in the extreme joy of this day! I know that the Lord hears our prayers and His timing is wonderful. God is an awesome God and I am thankful for His perfect plan! We love you all!

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