Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Updates.

Sorry for the delayed postage. We've had a good/long weekend. We have spent some time out at my parent's house playing in the yard and running free on the farm and we've spent alot of time outside in our very own deep holed yard as well.

Friday night Daniel, Jeni & I went to Texas Roadhouse to eat. It was yummy but I got a tummy ache. Saturday night we cooked out at my mom & dad's house and it was good too...but I got a tummy ache.

We went to church yesterday morning and on the way, I looked over and admired my husband in his cammies. Yep you read it right. He was wearing his cammies. He wasnt having some flashback that required him to wear them for comfort sake. It was our Mission's sunday and we were helping be a part of the festivities by representing different missionaries or causes that our church sponsors. Daniel represented the Military ministry. He looked handsome
I represented a muslim family. It was neat to dress up and be a part of something that represents what great things we are doing to save souls around the world!

After church Daniel and I went and bought all of our flowers for planting! You may remember that I did so last year as well. This year, however, we went all out and it looks awesome! My leg is still really hurting bad. Not sure why it feels so much worse lately but it sure does. I'm discouraged about it, I have to admit but I am praying and trusting God to do a work! I woke up this morning with a weird sore throat. Almost in the adam's apple area closer to my neck. Weird, I know.

I'll take some pictures of the garden & flowers when I get a chance. In the mean time here are a few pictures from this exact day last year! Brother was just learning to pull himself up!!! Look how cute and little he was...

I have a couple of new recipes I'll try to post later today when the kids are sleeping. Check back and enjoy the beautiful day! We're about to head outside as we speak!

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