Monday, May 18, 2009

Our weekend.

I know you all are on pins and needles just waiting to hear what went on inside our 4 walls this weekend. I know you sit at your computer biting your nails in anticipation of my next post, hoping for cute pictures of our redheaded gang. Well, if that is, in fact, what you were're in luck! Here are some pictures and an update of life in Larsonland from this weekend!
Friday night we had dinner with Katie, Adam and the boys. Although I didnt get any pictures it was such a fun night! It was exactly this time last year when God spoke to Katie and revealed to her that we would be great friends. Since that time, our friendship has grown into one that is unique, uncomplicated, refreshing and easy. I love her boys as if I have always been a part of their lives and I am so thankful for her husband because his friendship to Daniel is truly unmatched to anyone before him. I can see how delicately the Lord orchestrated our friendship and I am beyond thankful! My life has been enriched by their lives and I hope they know it!

Saturday night was a treat to say the least!!! Felicia and Alex came home for a long weekend and we got to see them and the kids for the first time since Christmas!!! It has been a LONG 6 months! Felicia looks the same, well except that her hair is longer and she is 14 weeks with child, but other than that she looks healthy and beautiful as always. Mia looks the same and acts the same for the most part. Sonny boy is huge! He got a hair cut and looks like a mature toddler. He is talking and saying so much. It's sad, I have to admit. The kids all acted like they had never been apart and the noise that they made was proof that some things just never change! It was a great night and I realized just how much I miss them. Alex made us laugh and I know Daniel cant wait to have him home for good so they can spend some quality guy time together!!!

Yesterday morning we got up and got around to business as usual for a Sunday. Nora picked out a giant poofy dress with a matching bow, Braden sported his best vest and we proceeded to take a few pictures before heading off to start the day. Service was awesome and I love having Krystal home to enjoy it with for awhile. (T minus 5 days until wedding day for those of you wondering.)

Jake had opening day for his baseball season yesterday as well. While the kids napped and MeMe came to sit with them, I went and enjoyed his game. He is lead pitcher this season which is just awesome! He's such a good player and I'm so proud of him!

"Don't let anyone look down upon you because you are young, but set an example for believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity!" 1 Timothy 4:12

Two seconds after this picture was taken (quite literally) Jake slammed a triple to outfield! It was AWESOME!!! Many more to come, I'm sure! Way to go buddy!

And to top of my day that was already filled with pride, I went to Clinton High School's Baccalaureate program in which our church's youth band played worship for. Daniel is the worship leader of the band that includes 6 other members. It was incredible watching them all play together. They are deeply anointed and I can see that they have not only been practicing hard but praying hard as well. Daniel sang almost every song and it was so powerful!

What I love about this man (one among many things) is that he knows he is faulted. He is quick to admit that he is. He has a short fuse at times, is known to throw a tantrum from time to time, acts selfish, is sometimes quick to anger and is easily filled with frustration. He can be impatient and unthoughtful. But he knows all of those things are true of himself. This is a man who is diligent to pray about those faults and even if he has to work at every day for the rest of his life, he will continue to be faithful to pray about those things. I can see the determination to improve himself all over his face in moments like yesterday. I see this man who desires to be used of God in the most powerful of ways. The bondage of fear that once held him to a place of not being able to sing in front of anyone has been broken and there was an awesome freedom in his voice yesterday! He is gifted from the hand of God and I can see the blessings of his persistence and faithfulness all over the work that he is doing! I am proud of him and will always support him as he continues to lead young people in this awesome act of reverence and worship to God!!!

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord and not for men!" Colossians 3:23

I dont know if I ever confirmed it, but I did indeed purchase a new laptop! I'm so excited and it should be here any day. It is not yellow, as I had hoped but it is red! To order a yellow one would have cost almost 200 dollars more! Craziness. Anyway, I'm thrilled. I am almost ready to take my first test in my school work and it is going well! I am really enjoying the things I am learning and feel as if I'm going to do really good in this course! We have a fairly uneventful week ahead until around Thursday when wedding stuff starts to get busy and crazy! I'm excited though and cant wait to be a part of my best friend's wedding.

Hope you're all well. We love you dearly! Remember that if at any time you need prayer and want us to agree with you about something in your life, you can email me at Daniel and I will seek the face of God on your behalf anytime that you ask! ♥

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