Thursday, May 7, 2009


I planted my flowers last weekend! I love this time of year when I can get down in the dirt and give something new life. I love giving life (hence the two redheads I'm diligently raising.) But really there is something very unique and special about planting flowers. I love doing it because the entire time I am flooded with reminders of awesome scriptures that Jesus uses to illustrate powerful things He wants us to remember and utilize in our daily lives! I started planting my flowers at the end of the bed, near our driveway. It was filled with rocks and rough ground. It was hard soil! By the time that I got to the middle of the bed it had started to get slightly easier and then, by the house...the soil was so rich, and beautiful! The flowers went into the ground as if they were made to do so! It is a powerful thought. The word of God is like planting a seed into the good soil of our hearts. It is important!

If you know me (and by now you mostly do) you have probably heard me say (or have read) that it take both sunshine and rain to make the flowers grow. It is the same in our lives. It takes both good times and bad to bring growth into our lives, our hearts and our situation. Don't lose heart today! Know that if you are in a place of rain, and dreary skies the Lord will deliver you into sunshine soon. It only makes sense!

I just got done reading the book "The Shack" not long ago. I want to gather my thoughts and make a whole post regarding it, but one of my favorite parts is when this man 'Mac' is led into a garden by the Holy Spirit. He tells her that it is beautiful, but that it is such a mess. She later tells him that the garden which was such a mess was his heart! But that it indeed was a beautiful mess. I loved it so much and will forever remember that when looking at my beautiful flower garden that is indeed not perfect, even slightly a mess...but!

After I planted my flowers last year, I spent many nights standing over them, watering them, nourishing them and even praying over them. I can remember even singing songs of praise to God for the gift of these beautiful flowers that have the ability to grow in our soil. What an awesome thing! I will do the same this year and will be on my face, picking out the weeds, laying hands on this land and watching these living things grow before my eyes...because God is good and He, too, loves to give new life!
I wanted to post a few new pictures of all of us. We are spending so much time outside! It has been a beautiful week and the kids cant wait to go go go! I am resting, and am trying to avoid chasing them as often as I can, although it is hard and really no fun!

It is incredible the difference that a few months of being inside can make! Braden is doing things that he was not even close to doing last year and I forget how fast they grow and change! Just yesterday we were sitting outside and Nora wanted Braden to teeter-totter. He was on her bike. She kept yelling at him "TEETER TOTTER" and he would scream back "No! BIKE!" They argued for a good 5 minutes while Daniel and I just laughed and laughed. The way they are beginning to interact is so entertaining!

They love for daddy to spin them around by their arms and Braden LOVES to be thrown up in the air and caught. They both plan ring around the rosey together and just giggle for what seems like hours. Nora can pedal her trike so well now! Braden is saying almost anything you ask him to at this point and it's just so cute to hear his deep, husky little voice.

Anyway, here are the pictures. I'll update again soon. It's getting so nice that it's hard for me to find time to sit inside and write. But, I will not fail you. I'll find time no matter what the cost. Have a great day! We love you!
Nora found mommy's make up today and thought she looked beautiful. You can tell by the fact that there are 3 pictures of her hammin it up to follow...
...even Braden thought she was cute!
Here is my garden table. Originally white, I painted it a baby blue for spring! The kids have tea parties with poo-paw and cookie parties with each other at it! They love it! In the fall, I plan to paint it maroon to match our shudders.
to keep with the spring theme, I painted my bird house and the shelf behind it (which now has flowers on it) the same color. Looks so cute!
Nora and her Uncle Jake. She adores him and he's pretty crazy about her too! He's doing really well and will be in Jr. High in just a couple of months! He starts baseball next week and will be head pitcher. He's a big, strong boy and we are so so proud of him!
...And here's my big strong boy! Rough, rugged and yet so dashing. mmm...
But do not be fooled. He hasnt quite grown out of his fit phase yet.
...but if given the chance to eat, he'll surely do so!
...or dance...
Nora just chillin.
Mama & Nora today (take 1)
Take 2...Good smiles! yay! you like the pink bink? Bubby sure does! He'll love that someday...

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