Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wedding Day Pictures and stories.

It has been a crazy couple of days and that may actually be an under statement! The wedding was beautiful and alot of fun. Krystal is officially a wife and I'm so happy to have been a part of the whole experience! Here is a picture of the bride and groom at their rehearsal dinner on Friday night. They will be leaving for their honeymoon in Hawaii tomorrow morning so keep them in your prayers for a safe trip and a great time!

So as I said, it has been fairly busy and hectic the last 2 or 3 days. Rehearsal went really well on Friday night. Nora practiced throwing her flowers and thought that she had done her job pretty well. She went home after rehearsal though and crashed out big time! Rehearsal dinner was awesome! Not only did we have great food but great fellowship as well. Krystal gave her bridesmaid's a few gifts, which included a beach bag that had our names embroidered on them, a pajama set to wear to the church on the morning of the wedding and matching earrings and necklaces to wear during the ceremony! It was so special and thoughtful and I loved it!!!

Here is Danielle and I at dinner...

...and the bride-to-be, and I!

Since Nora went to bed late on Friday night and had no nap earlier in the day, I thought for sure she would sleep late on Saturday. I figured that way she could stay up later during the day and be happier all around. Sometimes they don't live by our idea of how things should run. She woke me up before 7 am. I was exhausted! I told her we had to go to the church to be the flower girl and she said "I was the flower girl last night!" At rehearsal she kept throwing just one pedal at a time but when the real ceremony came, she forgot to throw any until my mom reminded her. That was followed by a massive fit which landed her out in the foyer of the church with Aunt Jeni, but ya know. She made it through pictures and down the aisle. What more can you expect out of an almost 3 year old :)
Danielle and I before wedding hair and make up...
All of us girls in our matching PJ's! Danielle, Lisa (Will's sister), Krystal and I.
Danielle did Krystal's hair which turned out awesome!
I had to curl and primp Nora's hair a number of times due to the heat and her extreme wildness. It was beautiful to say the least!

Finished product (one of the times!)

Trying to put on her HUGE, BEAUTIFUL dress...

My lady and I.
She was beyond beautiful and looked so grown up. Tear.

Nora with the ring bearer, Billy.

Danielle and Nora
Us girls!

Love you, Danielle!
And finally, a picture of the bride ready to go! She looked beautiful and was pretty calm. She was anxious to get through it all and just be a wife. She looked gorgeous and her flowers were awesome!!!
It's kind of hard to tell in these pictures, but Nora's dress resembled Krystal's SO much! It was perfect!

Daddy showed up and I'm pretty sure Nora took his breath away. Although he had to have told me at least 20 times how beautiful I looked. He didnt look so bad himself.

My mom came and got to see all of us pre-wedding. She looked beautiful as well!

Yesterday was MeMe's birthday! Happy Birthday Sara! We love and appreciate you so very much! I hope you had a great day. You looked beautiful too!
Nora started to get a little wild and a lot fussy. haha. She finally fell asleep in my arms. Glamorous or not, I am a mommy 24 hours a day. This picture is precious to my heart because it really speaks that! I could have held her like this for hours, because I never get to anymore. It was an awesome moment. Thank you Lord for this little girl.
Nora's not the only one who was tuckered out. I came home and cried off and on all night. My feet were soar, my leg was in so much pain and I was just achey and exhausted. It was worth it but I'm so glad today has been quiet and restful!!! It was a great wedding and I pray many blessings over the newlywed's. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I'll post again soon. The babies are sleeping now so I'm going to rest while it's quiet. We love you all!!!

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