Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Braden's explosion & Dora LIVE!

My day started out like any other hectic, chaotic, unexplainable-to-anyone-outside-of-these-walls kinda day. I know you all sit and laugh reading stories like the one I'm about to tell you but please remember that to me, it is real. It happened and it is very much a nightmare until the moment passes and I regain composure and sanity. With that being said, go ahead and giggle (after you say a small prayer for this mom;)

Braden wakes up and poops right away. Nothing new. He has had diarrhea for 2 weeks straight and I think that he may be getting some molars. In the mean time, he has been crankier than usual (hard to accomplish) and has pooped an unbelievable amount of the stinkiest poop you could ever imagine! After I changed him first thing this morning I left him in just a diaper to take the stinky one to the garage with the rest. Garbage day was today, thank God! Anyway, when I come back into the toy room I see this young, beautiful redheaded boy with poop dripping down both of his legs and even between his toes. When he ran to me, I noticed that he must have walked around a bit before running to me because there was poop on a couple different toys and a huge spot of the carpet. This picture doesnt do the amount of poop justice, nor do you get to experience the intense lingering smell that came forth from the pile. I was disgusted, of course, because of my hatred for rubbing dry material against dry carpet, but it seems as if I should be used to it by now, huh? We had to run Braden to the tub, clear the room of kids ( I was babysitting,) and clean up quickly! It was hectic and crazy. Welcome to my life!

Tonight, on the better end of things...we took Nora to see "Dora Live!" She has known about it for quite some time but I knew that she didnt really comprehend what was going to happen when we actually got there. We couldnt take pictures so the best I have for you are from our cell phone. This was on the way...
Daniel and I were both really excited to do something special like this with Nora alone. It isnt often that we get to do that and I knew that we had both been looking forward to it for weeks! Nora is such a special, growing girl. She enjoys us as parents in different ways but having us both all to herself was definitely appealing to her tonight. We both teared up when we saw her excitement. The show was amazing and we all had a GREAT time!

When she saw Dora & then Diego for the first time, this was her awesome reaction. I'll never forget this moment. Not Ever.
She loved it, but definitely showed us that she was getting tired. She's still my baby. Almost 3, or not!
More tomorrow. I'm exhausted and need a long, warm bath and maybe a cuddle or two from my redhead before I tuck her into bed for the night. ♥

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