Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

"The righteous who walks in his integrity—blessed are his children after him!"
Proverbs 20:7

Happy Father's Day!

This day is such an awesome way to celebrate the Father's in our lives. I am incredibly thankful for our Heavenly Father who has given us life and who has molded and shaped the men in my life who have been great dad's, grandpa's and leaders.

Daniel has loved being a Father since the mere thought of it. He always knew he wanted to be a young dad and if you remember, I always knew in my heart I would have his children. I am beyond blessed to share my life with this man. His partnership in raising these children is truly unmatched. He takes his role of "father" very seriously. He understands how important it is to pray over his children and to take the time to show them how much he loves and cares for them. He is dedicated to providing for them, shaping them, and teaching them how to live prosperous and Godly lives. He is also diligent in seeking the Lord's example when it comes to raising these redheads...

When Nora made Daniel a dad, I knew that he was forever changed. From that first moment he could tough her, he was head over heels in love with his new role as her daddy. And when Braden came along, it only enhanced his love of being a father. He learned so many things about being a patient, kind and gentle father during the first few months of Braden's life and that carries him through every single day since then. He loves his little man!
I know that our children will inherit great traits that their dad instills within them. I am confident that the Lord has shaped Daniel into the leader he is for a specific purpose in the kids' lives and future. This man is a great dad. He brings so much security, peace and stability to this home and to this family. I am thankful every single day for him...but especially today.

Happy Father's Day, baby. I love you.

Today we got up early and met the rest of my family for breakfast out by the lake. It was a nice way to see my dad and grandpa's. I am so blessed to have them and celebrate them! It's awesome that the kids still have 2 great-grandpa's! After breakfast, we got to walk along the docks, enjoy the warm (excruciatingly hot) day and even fish a little! Over all, it was an awesome morning.
Of course, I took advantage of the overcast day to get some neat pictures of the small things...

In case you ever wondered, this is where Braden gets his brigh blue eyes from. And yes, he most definitely looks like my family:) Although his daddy is super handsome and just looking at him makes me want to have 10 more of his children.

My dad and Daniel fished a little and I even left Daniel there with them to enjoy it some more. We were just too hot and tired...

Bubby loves papa Dan but he was bailin out on this one...

Again, Happy Father's Day to my dad as well. He's a great dad and an awesome grandpa and I am thankful every day to have him in such a huge part of our lives!

Lord, thank you for being the Father to whom I can look to, listen for, and trust. Thank you for showing us every day how to be good parents and for giving us the direction we need in order to fully live out your will in our lives. We know that our children are blessings from you and I am thankful that you decided to entrust them to us. Thank you for the earthly father's you have placed in our lives as well and for the way that you speak to them when concerning our lives. We love you and honor you on this Father's Day and every day. Amen.

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