Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How great are thy works, oh Lord!

Deuteronomy 3:24
"O Sovereign LORD, you have begun to show to your servant your greatness and your strong hand. For what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do the deeds and mighty works you do?

I mentioned in my post yesterday that we have had an incredible week. God is unmatchable! It is so easy to love God, and so easy to trust God. Sometimes it is difficult to wait on the Lord but the Word tells us that if we do so with hope that the Lord will fulfill His promises for us, so we choose to wait with hope.

Last week was Daniel's last week of playing worship at our church; not necessarily by his choice. He has been praying for quite some time for God to make it clear to him when it was time to step out of a leadership position and that had not happened thus far. We have also been praying for months now regarding a new, secure job for Daniel. Wednesday night was a rough night spiritually for Daniel and without going into any details I must just say how hard it is to see my husband hurting. I encouraged him that the Lord has favor on our family! We have been faithful and obedient to the Lord not only with our hearts but in our giving of ourselves, our home, our money, etc. And with all of that aside, the Lord sees and knows our hearts and how true they are for Him and Him alone. I felt a peace that maybe this change that had occurred would open up some time for that new job to finally become a reality. After all, many of the jobs that Daniel applied for in law enforcement would require him to work a 3-11 pm shift, therefore not allowing him to play worship or be involved in the youth group anymore. So we prayed and talked and woke up Thursday knowing that regardless of where God was taking us, we were ok with it. We have always been.

Daniel has mentioned several times that it is hard for him to walk 10 miles by himself every single day. He doesnt get the opportunity to stand and minister to people. The common "hi," "have a good day," is really all the interaction that he gets. When he was in the Marine Corps he had a chance every day to witness to other men and women about Jesus. Not only did his own faith grow but so did his discipline in reading the word and gaining knowledge of all that the Lord was trying to teach him. He became extremely focused on many different aspects of God and learned so much during that time of his life. I can see that he is longing for that again. To witness to others and challenge his own faith. We have been praying for that opportunity.

Friday afternoon after I came down from getting a bath, while the kids were napping, I felt the intense need to check our messages. I'm not sure if you remember, but a couple of months ago Daniel had 2 interviews for a correction's officer position in Bloomington. He felt a strong peace about the jail and the position and especially about the men that had interviewed him, who told Daniel that all of them were also Christians. I checked the messages and they had called asking Daniel to call them back. I was blown away. They had told him it could be 6 months before there was an opening...so we were waiting, of course. It has only been maybe 2 months. The timing of God truly is incredible in our lives. He never ceases to amaze me! Daniel called them back but received the voicemail. He left a message and we waited again. All weekend. Yesterday morning he got a call from the man at the jail asking if Daniel was still interested in the position. Daniel, of course, said Yes! They have to set up a polygraph test and background check and when he passes those, he can start!

We don't know when that be, but again...we will wait.
We don't know how it will work out, but again...we will trust.

We prayed that God would give us a clear understanding of where Daniel is supposed to be, as far as his career is concerned. We prayed that God would close the doors that are supposed to be closed and open the doors that only He wants to open so that we would not be confused. Our God is a God of clarity! A God who cares so deeply. Our God works EVERYTHING out for the good.
Oh...and our God is everywhere.
Like here.
And here.
And Especially here.
It's really about choosing to see Him...
...in every situation. In all that you do...
Are your eyes opened to Him?
Can you see Him?
Do you know He's near?
Don't run away. He's calling you.
Don't be afraid. He will use you.
That's it. You just have to choose to see Him. Look toward Him.
He is everywhere.
And he...
is mine :)
Nora wanted Aunt Rachel to see how pretty her long hair is...
Ok, so we have had a GREAT week! Thursday Daniel was off and we took the kids to the water park. I didnt take my camera because quite honestly I just wanted to enjoy being with them. We took Uncle Jake with us and had an awesome day!
That evening, Daniel and I went on our first dinner AND a movie date since the kids have been born. It's always one or the other and we took up his mom on her offer of watching them while we did both. It was so much fun and so worth it, although we both RAN in the door when we pulled in the garage. Our redheads were waiting to jump in our arms and squeeze our necks. It was the greatest day!

We had beautiful weather all weekend! Friday night Katie, Adam and the boys came over and played outside. Jennifer, Lindsay and all of their gang walked up to join us for awhile which I loved! I love seeing God fulfill His promise of making this home a safe place for everyone who comes here. I see it almost daily!

Saturday night we walked around Weldon Springs with very little pain in my leg when we were done! Thank you Lord for healing!
And Sunday evening, since it was sooo beautiful outside, we decided to take the kids to the zoo! They have never been and we really wanted to take them and I am so glad we did! Nora is at the greatest age for enjoying things like this. She is excited and has a new fascination about life. She asks so many questions and loves everything so deeply. It was so sweet to see her reaction the animals.
Braden...is just Braden. He threw a fit because his drink dribbled on him; he threw a fit because he had to be strapped into the stroller; he threw a fit because he couldnt take a drink into the play area; and he threw a fit every time he couldnt climb up the slide. He is exhausting! We keep saying (since he was born) that he'll be easier next year.
And we wait with hope. :)

On our way to the zoo...
Just getting started! Soooo excited!
Peacock & Redheads
& God.
Do you see Him?
They both LOVED the goats. Nora loved them even more than Braden which was surprising!
This goat followed Nora around for 5 minutes and when she went to look at other babies, it even acted jealous and jumped up beside her! She leaned over, whispered "I have to go see more animals. I'll miss you so much. I love you." My sweet girl.
Do you see Him?

On the choo choo train! Maybe the only time Bubba was happy.

Braden started saying, "Yeah Bay Bee!" and raising his little arm like this EVERY time he says it. SOOO cute!
Nora LOVED the train AND the monkeys!
Only his tenth fit of the night.

On our way home. I can see Him. Can you?


Devin said...


Thanks so much for talking the time to introduce yourself! I love seeing pics of your sweet redheads--I have two strawberry blondes myself :-)!

We are around the Champaign Urbana area--about 25 minutes east of there....

Your children are so cute, and I was encouraged in reading your post today. So glad that God is moving you and your hubby in a new direction--praying the best for you and that the new job works out wonderfully for him!

Looking forward to talking with you again soon!


Sarah said...

Yay!! i was so glad to hear the good news about the job opening!! loved the blog...GREAT pics! xoxo