Saturday, June 13, 2009

A week in the life of Braden.

If you were Braden, you may have spent the past week doing all sorts of...
"Braden" things.
Things that only little boys with short legs, chubby toes, red hair and blue eyes do.
Things that only second born son's do.
Things that ONLY Braden's would do.

If you were Braden, you MAY have gotten a hair cut from your daddy...
...simply because the thought of you looking like this again scares him to pieces.
If you were Braden you may have spent some of your time this week munchin on your favorite snack of all time, cheetos, and looking so innocent that mommy just knew the wheels in your little mind were turnin...
If you were Braden, you may have decided that you wanted to feed Heidi your entire dinner and so you turned your head away...thinking that by doing so, mommy wouldnt notice. But I did.
If you were Braden you may have taken a few minutes out of your busy life to pose and say cheese with your mama who adores your little body and loves your face!
...and even if you didnt want to, you even let her kiss you...
...because she loves that too...
If you were Braden, you would definitely not have gone one day without getting filthy from head to toe and also sporting a huge bruise somewhere on your body (you prefer your face) to prove to everyone that you truly are as tough as you'd like us to think you are. might have hung out with Uncle Jake a bit and teased him too. You probably enjoyed this most of all!
If you were Braden Eugene Larson, you would have found your sister's only pink slipper and put it on, prancing around for hours as you danced and spun circles to the beat of your own drum. may even have gotten offended when your mama told you that the slipper was sissy's and for girls...
...and then proceeded to throw a massive fit when you were asked to take it off and let your sister have it back. It is, after all, a girl's slipper.
But if you were Braden, you wouldnt care in the least because you are the fanciest boy I have yet to meet...
...running around with pink binkies, and last year's (12 month) shorts.
If you were Braden, you would probably insist on your mom giving you the ENTIRE bag of doughnuts on your tray for breakfast so that you can pretend with great delight that you are, in fact, devouring them all...even though mama knows you will not.
...and you would proceed to go about your day as the little King that you think you are, enjoying the "good life," and being cute as pie.
If you were Braden you would almost always have your blue blankie in tow, making mommy's heart melt every time you turn the corner.
...and lastly, if you really were Braden you would know exactly what to do to make anyone and everyone around you laugh harder than they have in years.
You would probably shove a big wad of cookie dough in your sister's mouth making her belly laugh for minutes straight...

...and making mommy laugh at the both of you.

If you were Braden, you would spend your days walking right behind your mom so that when she turns around she almost always trips over you. You would make this incredibly annoying sound at all times. You would call a grape an apple and eat lightning bugs just because. If you were Braden you would make me so thankful to be the mom of a boy! You would help me gain patience that I never knew I had and feel confident in my ability to parent any child that God chooses to give to me! If you were Braden, you would melt the heart of every woman who ever lays eyes on you.

If you were Braden, I'd be the most grateful mom in the entire world. My little guy is a blessing like I have never known and I thank God that He is mine! Awnry, rotten, dirty...and ALL mine.

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