Monday, June 1, 2009

Talk of the weekend.

We're having revival at church this week. Tent revival, outside, to be exact. Something we have never done at the church since I have been going which has been 11 years. Anyway, it's exciting and refreshing! Even to be in service yesterday morning (we were still inside) there was a different vibe oozing from everyone. Every year, our church invites The Gabbard Family to come in for a week to sing and preach. They are amazingly anointed by the Holy Spirit and so I know that everyone is expecting mighty and awesome things. However, I must say that in the midst of the service yesterday the Lord spoke to me clearly. I can have revival in my heart everyday. I can wake up excited and expecting every single day. The Holy Spirit has a home in me as well. Why then all the anticipation for this week of revival? Obviously it is a nice change of pace. It brings a quickening to our spirit and rejuvenates us, if you will. We all need to be uplifted and refreshed at different times. It is an awesome time of fellowship and miracles and I cant deny that. I just know that when revival is over, it is up to me and the spirit inside of me to keep the passion and excitement strong and flowing. I need to be a vessel always, and not just when I feel a new excitement or heavenly drive after the revival is done and the tent is packed away. This is a GREAT time that the Lord does AWESOME work! I am so thankful that He chose to speak to me and remind me that every day He does awesome work; and not to lose sight of that during the overwhelming power of this week. The Lord cares for us so much. His presence is so sweet and gentle and it humbles me to know that He is alive and speaking to me...because He is concerned and cares for me. And for you.
So if you want to come to service this week to hear awesome messages, feel the presence of God in a powerful way, hear beautiful singing and even enjoy fellowship with other believers...please feel free! Service begins at 7 pm on the front lawn of the Assembly of God church. If you want to come, but not alone, email me!( I'd love to meet up with you and have you join us! Powerful things happen in the midst of our God!

In other news, we had a great weekend! Friday night it stormed and so we took the kids to McDonalds to let them play in the indoor play area. They had a blast and Nora was sweating like I'd never seen. I had straightened her hair earlier in the day just to see how long it was, and her sweat made it curl back up again. Sick, yet cute. Later that night when it was bed time, she wanted to start out in our bed because she was "scared of the dark." We let her. We love any chance we can get to snuggle with her like we used to.

Saturday was a pretty dull day as well. I ended up cleaning the house like a mad woman. It smelled and looked wonderful. Jake had his first horse show so I went to watch one class. He got third. Nora pooped in the potty chair for the first time ever so I rewarded her by buying a pool. They have been in it ever since, even though the water is freezing. Saturday night I made dinner (Parmesan crusted chicken with rice,) and we took the kids to the McDonald's here in town to let them play just for a little while. It was fun. That night at bed time, Nora decided she wanted to sleep in her room but in her crib and not the big girl bed. We moved the crib back into it's original place and tucked her in. Halfway through the night she woke up screaming at the top of her ever livin lungs and I ran in, panicked, to get her. When I brought her into our room she sat straight up in our bed and said "I hate your bed! I want to sleep on your floor." So I made her a pallet and she fell fast to sleep. Weird? I know.

Before church yesterday Nora decided to draw while I was getting ready. When I stopped to look at the picture of the face she had drawn I nearly cried. She literally drew a circle with 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth and even put hair on the head! All parents think they're kids are geniuses, I just happen to know mine is.
After we went to church, Daniel took us to lunch at El Reys. My favorite, of course. I proceeded to eat way more than I should have followed by a long afternoon nap. Ok, a short one, because Daniel woke me up for no important reason. He then left without telling me where he was going which resulted in some short form of a Sunday argument. I say that because it's typical. The enemy loves to orchestrate fights in our home on the Lord's day. I'm working on it. When the kids woke up we let them swim again and MeMe came over to make us lasagna. It was a nice change not to have to cook for a night. Then we took the kids to Dairy Queen. I had ice cream. I never eat ice cream. But it was delicious so I cant say that I regret it at all.

So there you have it, a fun filled crazy weekend. Little drama, lots of laughter and barely any rain. This morning I woke up with a redhead in my bed (whats new?) and a redhead shaking his crib so loud that the neighbors could have heard him. I loaded them both down the stairs, gave them their chocolate milk and they are now quietly(really) watching the Jungle Book. Braden already pooped out of his diaper and down both legs so the day has officially begun. He did let me pick him up and snuggle, but not before laying his blanket across my shoulder as to not have body to body contact with me. He is such a baby boy and I love when he lets me hold him, even for a second. Anyway, we're gonna have another lazy Monday in this house. How was your weekend??

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