Monday, June 8, 2009

Whirlwind of a weekend!

What a weekend!

After a long week, one good lover's quarrel and alot of rain, Daniel and I decided to go out to dinner alone on Friday night just to catch up on each other's lives. Abby babysat the kids for us which was a first for me, but I feel completely confident in her abilities to care for my rambunctious redheads. On the way to dinner I actually teared up just thinking about how God has allowed my life to come full circle with her being such a huge part of it since she was just a child herself. I started babysitting Abby and her sisters when I was just 15 years old. Her youngest sister, Lexi was close to Nora's age. It amazes me the impact that God allowed me to have in their lives and I'm thankful for Abby every single day. (especially now that she's glad to help with the kids!) Thanks Ab!

So back to dinner. It was great while we were eating. Really great. And then about 5 minutes into our drive home we had to stop at a gas station because I was SO sick. I'm not sure I've ever had food poisoning but this felt alot like what I would expect if I had it. All weekend I just felt terrible. Life is such a catch 22 sometimes...but the time to talk to Daniel alone was so worth it. We very rarely get to eat in silence AND finish our meals.

What were we doing this time last year? I was wondering the same thing, so I looked! It appears as if the kids were swimming in our front yard with Mia and Sonny. Surprise Surprise! Much smaller but just as cute!

My lady is nearly 3 years old! She says the most hysterical things and is currently "scared of the dark." She ends up in our bed on most nights leaving us with little sleep, much like when her life began as a wee, bushy headed infant. This morning I heard a noise coming from upstairs. I thought the kids were still asleep and she usually comes right down when she wakes up. Not today! Mascara covered her face from ear to ear. This is not the first time she has wanted to look "beautiful," and it resulted in a raccoon mask on her chubby cheeks. She was devastated that I caught her and was so cute with the look of shock on her face. She is quite the diva and loves to wear dresses and do her hair, although seeing her in the dirt or with a bug in her hand isn't rare either. She held a frog for the first time at my mom's a few nights ago. She's LOVES life and helps me have the mind of a child in so many ways. She is a loving and caring big sister and has also become quite the snuggler with both her daddy & I. She is on the verge of being potty trained completely, averaging at least 3 pees and 1 poop on the potty chair a day! She has been the light of my life since the thought of her existed and she still proves to light me up every single day.

I am in love with the many faces of Nora♥Elaine

Yes, I most certainly did straighten her hair for church. Ahem. She loves to go to church! I know I have mentioned it many times before but I daily try to pray over the children that they would be sensitive to the things of God. That they would feel His presence rather than that of the world. I pray that they would know His word when they hear it. The other day we were walking out of McDonalds and one of my favorite Christan songs was playing on their speakers. "I'm in better hands now." I went about my business of putting them both in the van but Nora stopped suddenly, looked up at me and said "mom! do you hear that?" "What baby?" "This song. This is a beautifullll song, mom." "Yes it is baby! Yes it is!" And then I teared up like I am now, just thinking about it. Thank you Lord for hearing our small, yet important prayers.

And then there's this boy. He will be 2 in a few short months. He is a binky lovin boy and still dances with all of his might. I've never known a child to love nap time more than he does and although he has slowed down on his eating substantially, he still enjoys a handful or two of cheetos, when offered. He's talking more every day and can say anything you ask him to repeat. Just ask Rachel...she was amazed at his phone skills a few days ago. He's still kinda fancy when it comes to walking on his tip toes and not liking bugs or frogs much like his sister. Although he would bathe in mud if I would let him and the toilet water still acts like his pool on rainy days. He is cranky as ever and makes my mind spin day after day but the joy he eludes takes me to a place I have never experienced. He is incredibly loving and gentle and his body is to die for. Yum. mmmy. I find that we are far less tired altogether than we were at this time last year. I find that I am more in love with Daniel than I have ever been. We are binding together in our parenting so strongly and it feels nice to have his partnership in making decisions and learning together. His role as head of this home is something we daily have to work to achieve and although it's hard, I feel like we are finally making some head way in our separate, Godly roles.
All in all, although it's almost always a crazy weekend, with fussy boys and whiny girls, we are more content than we have ever been. I feel complete and whole. I feel accomplished as a mother and a wife. The kids are so much fun and Daniel and I catch ourselves laughing more lately than ever before. How wonderful it is to have an enriched household full of children, laughter and love. God is an awesome God! Whatever He chooses to do with us, we will listen, trust, follow and obey. We wouldn't have it any other way. No. Matter. What.

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Rachel said...

1. Daniel looks so tan
2. Nora's hair is STUNNINGLY gorgeous and beautiful and long. I love it straight!
3. Braden is just so buckwild, I can see it even through the pictures.
4. Your hair looks like pregnancy, shiny, glowing hair. (uh ohhh).