Monday, July 13, 2009

Another trip to the ER, painting and more.

This was a crazy weekend. A good weekend.

Saturday was a busy day! We woke up and headed to the 4-H Grounds for Jake's fair. We only stayed a few minutes but in that short time Nora got to hold a baby goat, pet a large stinky pig and see the chickens, ducks, cows and tractors. Braden loved it all! He's our animal king.

We brought brother home for a nap and MeMe stayed at the house while Nora and I went to a family reunion. During all of these events I could feel the poison ivy on my back expanding, swelling, growing, itching and hurting. We got back to town, woke brother up and headed to Jennifer's house for her wedding reception.

Jennifer is a friend of mine since Jr. High. We were in chorus together and did swing choir, and pompons too. We went our separate ways in high school and eventually she moved to Georgia, got married and had beautiful twin girls. During Jr. High and most of high school, Jennifer dated an older guy named Steve. At the time he seemed MUCH older. Now, not so much. Jennifer moved back to Illinois after a heartbreaking divorce and moved back in with her lifelong love, Steve. They found out they are expecting a baby in March and finally tied the knot on Friday! Oh and to make it all a little more exciting...they live just a few houses down from us, around a corner and up a hill. Literally in walking distance (trust me...we have done it.) Funny how life comes full circle, isnt it?

Anyway, we went to their outdoor wedding reception and my kids got to play, get wet and dirty, eat, and play some more. They had so much fun but I was growing more and more miserable as the itchiness increased. When we left to walk back home, I was in tears. I walked in the door and right back out, in hopes of getting some relief at the ER.

2 1/2 hours later, a great dr. that is concerned with my fair, sensitive skin and 21 days worth of steroids and I was on my way. 2 days later and I am currently itch free. The Lord is my healer and my strength! The rash is still visible, but dry. Thank the Lord. This has been the worst physical thing I have been through in a long time. But while I'm mentioning physical pain I might as well point out the the Lord has completely healed my leg. I have been resting and relaxing for what seems like months, but am finally going to bed at night pain free! It is great relief. I cant wait to take the kids for a long walk and enjoy normal exercise again!

We finished painting the bathroom and got it all decorated and in place. Things look great! We moved on to the upstairs hallway and painted it a deep plum color that looks so dark and sophisticated! I absolutely adore it. Next we will probably clean up and paint the front porch which we plan on doing in a bright red, black and white country theme. We will add a black wicker couch and some red and white cushions. It will look something like this:

Of course I have pictures of everything from the poison ivy, to new ones of the kids, to the painting. However, we havent taken our computer in to restore the old pictures yet and I'm not even powering it up until we do. It will be a few more days, but I cant wait to update you all so you can see what's new in our world!!!

Daniel goes tomorrow for his first meeting with the lieutenant at the jail. This is the first official step in the hiring process. They will conduct a background check and polygraph test and if all goes well he could start in less than 4 weeks. Please be in prayer for God's will to be done in our lives. If this is not His will, we want to go no further. We are absolutely seeking His direction.

Next Friday we will be taking our first overnight trip as a family to Wisconsin. Our friend from the Marine Corps is getting married and we are so excited to be able to be a part of it. Not as excited to travel with the kids, but we will make it. It should be interesting to say the least.

Oh and I'm pretty sure it's ok for me to announce that our good friend's Ashley and Jeremy are also currently expecting a baby! Ashley is 6 weeks along and is doing well. We are so excited for them!!!

Ok, thats all in our world. I have a few more posts that the Lord is cookin up in my heart that I will be making shortly so be sure to check back in frequently. We love you all and pray for you always. Please continue to email me with any requests, questions you may have or if you just wanna talk. I would love to hear your heart!

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