Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordy Wednesday! :)

As I was lying in bed this morning (before my little guy ran in screaming "mommmmmmmy" in his huskiest voice) I realized I wanted to add a little something about my post yesterday. If you didnt read it you can scroll down or go here.

I understand that some people abstain from eating certain foods for different reasons. Some are vegetarians by choice for health benefits (and there clearly are many). Some do not drink milk or eat certain birds due to risks or concerns to their bodies. Each person is different and along with every other aspect in our lives, we have different thoughts on certain issues. The Bible is not saying, and nor am I that it is of the devil to not eat certain foods. It simply says that by telling someone NOT to eat meat, for instance, because it is unclean to do so; is the teaching of demonic spirits. If any of that is confusing to you or you have questions, please just ask:)

And now...onto some updates in our world!

Nora turns 3 on Friday. Three years old. I cant believe it and I'm beyond sad. I cant help but feel like my world is rushing past me. I know she's my baby but it's all so hard. I love celebrating Nora's birthday more than any other day of my life. It's the day I became a mom!!! She's so special to me.

Braden is talking like a crazy man. His latest is saying, "mommy wake up!" when I'm not looking at him. He needs my attention ALL of the time, which is nothing new. He will grab my face and turn it towards his, press his nose to mine and just stare at me making sure I'm not looking anywhere else. He's so cute I could look at him all day. A few other things he is saying that crack me up?

"Look at that cloud! Looks like a sheep!"
"Mommy! Mommy! I pooped!" <---mommy wishes this translates to "I'm ready to potty train too!" But I think thats a long shot.
"Read to me."
"You hear that?--Airplane!"

He and Nora have always been so funny together but every day that passes lately has been more enjoyable for me just watching them interact, change, and learn together. Braden's still so moody and his sister knows it. She has found a way to manipulate his thinking in little ways which is such like a little girl. She'll say, "Bubby, cry!" and he'll fake cry. It's way cute but Daniel cant stand it. She'll tell him to do something and he'll finally stand up for himself and scream NO! They talk back and forth and finally answer each other's questions rather than just speak baby language. This is by far the funnest age for both of them. We have had some really great days lately. I enjoy their voices and their excitement just to wake up and live every day. I have been praying and God is really teaching me how to not take a single second for granted. Again, as a mom, we often feel guilty for not playing with them every chance we can or for choosing dishes over reading a book, or for wanting to watch 5 minutes of the news rather than hold them during their 45th cartoon of the morning. However, there is always a good balance. I am here with them and I am constant and the Lord is teaching me that is enough. Daniel takes his polygraph test for the correction's job on Friday. Please be praying. Although we know it will go fine, he is still nervous. It's nothing he has ever had to go through and anyone would feel anxious about something they know little about. We still feel the Lord's direction in the job situation but are also still praying that if this is not His will that the door be closed at any time. We're ok with the plan of God no matter what that means! I have been claiming healing over my leg since the day that it started healing and I truly believe that the Lord has brought it into full recovery! I have been walking the babies a few times a week and each time it has felt great. Very little to no pain at all. I am still taking the prednisone for my poison ivy but am very close to being done. It has caused me to be slightly manic and I have a case of steroid acne on my chest and a little on my face. Those are a few of the side effects that can take place over a prolonged period of taking the meds, along with a euphoric state of being. Saying that, I'm just praying that when I come off of the medicine my leg will STILL be feeling as good as it is now and this is not a 'feel good' side effect of the medicine. Will you pray with me?

That's about it in our world. We are getting the house ready for Nora's party Friday evening, we went shopping for all of her Mermaid decorations last night and got all of her presents. Sitting at dinner last night Daniel teared up and simply said how blessed he feels to be able to give our kids parties and presents. Obviously we both feel that as they grow we will teach them what little importance those things actually hold in our lives. But for now we feel so humbled and blessed that God has blessed us in so many ways. His provision in our lives is great and we do not take it lightly. All of the glory to God for His gifts to us!

Have a good day! We'll be walking, possibly going to a free movie in town and spending the day enjoying the redheads in my world. We love you all!

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Of Pandas and Pirates said...

We took Miranda to her first movie today! Tickets were only $1 and the money was for charity. The movie was Nim's Island. She did pretty well! I hope you guys have fun at the movies today! :)