Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Are your ears open?

Daniel and I have been reading, "The Sacred Marriage," by Gary Thomas.
I have heard great things about this book and so far I highly recommend it! We have been reading it as a devotional every day. I realize that I am extremely blessed not only to have a husband that will willingly read something that could enrich our marriage but that he is excited about it and takes alot of what he believes to be helpful and apply it to our lives. We have a great marriage! However, we have 2 small children, a mortgage, a job, school work, bills and life. Life sometimes gets in the way of relationships, and in general, marriages. We are determined to nourish our earthly marriage. In so many ways it resembles our relationship with Christ and we want to honor Him by strengthening that which He has given to us.

Last Saturday Daniel decided to do some yard work. A couple of days later he broke out into a horrible rash of poison ivy on his right arm. A few short days later it was completely infected and swollen. He spent countless hours in the bathroom washing, cleaning, washing cleaning. He was in such desperate pain and discomfort. At church on Sunday he finally broke down from the exhaustion of feeling like his body was being taken over and there was not one thing he could do about it. Many times over the last few days I heard my husband say," I am just asking that God would show me what He wants me to learn through this..." I am so thankful for a praying husband. A man of God that knows that we can learn something in every situation, no matter how awful. I am so thankful for his determination to remain faithful to God and draw such divine strength from Heaven.

Now I'm going to state the obvious. Daniel & I are married. We share a bed. One can only assume it wouldnt be long before I, too, would be suffering from the same awful, itchy, spreading rash. And I currently am. I took Daniel to the ER on Sunday afternoon for a shot and I went yesterday to the Dr to get an oral steroid as well. It has been a rough couple of days.
I'm telling you all of this because I always want to share with you what the Lord speaks to me. Anything that I feel He wants me to share with you. After all, there are certain things that God speaks that are for my spirit alone.

So while we are making such an awesome effort to strengthen, excite and improve our marriage in a Godly fashion; through reading, prayer, and devotions; the enemy obviously has a plan of destruction. The devil's plan for all of this poison ivy has been made clear. Daniel and I cannot touch one another, he has been sleeping on the floor, we are disconnected and frustrated with the physical pain and discomfort we're feeling. However, in the midst of all of these things the Lord spoke to me about this situation.
"Just as you share with your husband in all of his joys, you must also share in his pain. You must also share in his discomfort. It is necessary for you to understand him in these times. I also want you to know that just as you feel joy or pain, I share in that with you. I understand it all. Your marriage relationship resembles our relationship in so many ways. Open your eyes to these things and learn to love me spiritually as you desire to love your husband in your earthly marriage."

The Lord didnt make it confusing. He spoke clearly to my spirit. I then shared it with my husband who, again, broke down and praised our God for loving us and caring for us so deeply. How sweet it is to be loved by you, Lord.

Our God speaks to us on many occasions in many different ways. Open your spiritual ears to hear what He may have for you. Just the other day Abby told me a story about Braden and immediately upon hearing her tell me, the Lord spoke to me. She got Braden up early when she stayed here one night. As they were sitting together and he looked up at her, he handed her his blanky, took out his binky and offered it to her. He said, "Here ya go Abby." She was so in awe of his sweet innocence. It was as if he was giving her everything that meant anything to him at all because he loves her so so much.
And then it hit me.
"Do you see his childlike ways? Your son resembles mine, Ramee. My son willingly handed you everything without one thought. He opened up his arms, opened up his heart and simply said, "Here ya go." You can have it all. I love you so deeply and care for you so much that I am willing to give my life for you. That which is most precious to me, I want you to have."
Yes, Lord. I see it. Thank you for this boy among my many other blessings. I will forever serve you. Forever.

I pray that you all hear the Lord today. His voice is still, quiet, awesome. His spirit is so thick and sweet.
Other than poison ivy and fussy babies, nothing is too new here. Daniel has heard back from the new job, but is still waiting on a call from a different guy to set up his final appointments before being officially hired. We are excited about this new journey!!! Nora's birthday is quickly approaching and so is our first official "family vacation," to Wisconsin for a friend's wedding! We're excited and nervous about the trip but are looking forward to the time away. As always, we're thinking and praying for you all. Please email me with any prayer requests, comments, questions, etc. We love you!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I live in Clinton, and went to school w/ Jeni. I saw a link to your blog on Facebook a while ago, and clicked it to see what it was... I fell in love. The way you write things and speak about God is absolutely beautiful. I just wanted to tell you that you make me want to have a better relationship w/ him. Thank you.

abbyhammer said...

when braden did that to me it melted my heart =]
you're a great mom rame!
i hope im just as good a mom as you are