Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday morning quiet words.

The house is quiet.
The curtains still pulled.
There are no dishes to be done, no clothes to fold.
My redheads are sleeping peacefully; one in his crib, one on our floor.
As I sit here and reflect on it all, I know that in just a few short moments everything about this moment will be different. Nothing will seem still or quiet.
Nothing will be dark and dim.
Our house will brighten, our children will awaken.
I would never want it any other way.
There is something about the quiet that is very soothing and calm. A solitude of thoughts, one wrapped right in another. Yet in the midst of it all, the stillness puzzles me.
I lose a part of myself in the quiet.
I am made for the noise, the laughter, the chaotic chatter of busy babies.
I am made for the moments that are busy, fast and overwhelming.
The Lord called me for a time such as this to be a mother.
It's no wonder really.
I am made for the noise.

A few nights ago we received the external hard drive that I finally ordered from Dell to transfer ALL of our pictures onto from our old computer. There are pictures from before Daniel and I started dating; some that have never been printed. There are pictures of Nanny & Uncle Bo. There are pictures of the babies births; some that have never been printed.
So in a big toot, Daniel decided to get right upstairs and switch the pictures right onto the drive. Before making sure the had truly transferred properly (unplugging and replugging to check, etc.) he deleted them from our computer. Needless to say they didnt transfer. Needless to say they are gone...but not forever. I'm upset, admittedly. However, we can get out photos back overnight for a nice round price of $90.00 :) How convenient.
So again, needless to say on my end, there will be no photos on my blog for a few days. Please don't leave me. They'll be doubly worth it when they return.
I mean, how can you resist the Mohawk?

Nora is currently learning to play pretend. The other night I told her that I was Dora and Daddy was Diego. Bubby was boots and she was swiper the fox. Yesterday morning upon waking her up I said, "Good morning baby." She stretched, smiled and said, "Good morning Dora."
I thought she had forgotten.

Nora also calls us by our first name when we dont respond to mom or dad. She's a smart kid.

I painted my bathroom yesterday. The upstairs bathroom. Jeni helped and wanted a shout out on my blog so when hundreds upon hundreds of people are reading my words someday she'll have a part in it all.
She's a great sister.
It is now lime green. Like slime-on-the-walls, lemongrass gone bad, lime green. I ♥ it! Our new shower curtain, and matching mirror are a bright blue and as soon as I get curtains they will be too. It came together awesome. I'll be attempting the hallway or guest bedroom next. Someday it will all be done.
Someday soon.

Everyone around me is pregnant. I am not pregnant.
And Rachel & Amos want to be. So continue praying for them please. The Lord has magnificent timing...
I mean just look at my two (almost) Irish twins. What great timing did He have with them!

Last night I told Nora she wasnt listening and would have to go downstairs if she didnt obey.
She looked at me and simply replied, "Thats not the truth, mom."
Have a good day, friends. We love you all.

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