Monday, July 27, 2009

From my front porch looking in....

Remember this awe inspired look that I fell head over heels for a couple of weeks ago when I decided to re-do our front porch? Well, although it's not quite as elegant, I took the color scheme and made it my own! Our porch is shaped much like this one is and hasnt had a theme since we moved into the house. Daniel has used it for his weight room/lifting area until now. He still may, but at least it will be a stylish one!

I re-did the entire porch for just under 70 bucks and that includes paint, decorations, curtains, etc.
If you'd like, Id love to show you how!

So here are some pictures of our new porch...almost finished minus a few minor details:) Dont mind the picture quality...but DO enjoy the pictures. This is by far my favorite room of the whole house right now!

I painted the trim black. (can of paint=$10)
We had the black curtains in our spare room.
I tied back the curtains with some felt (10 squares total for $4).
The "imagine" sign above the window was on sale for $2 at Country Junction during their sidewalk sale this weekend... This is Heidi girl's corner. Her cage will go here (under her very own silhouette picture) when all is said and done...

I bought the frames for all of our homemade pictures on sale for $2 a piece and used felt for the actual portraits. The red candlesticks that you'll see in the pictures came in a bundle (6 for $2 on sale at Country Junction).
These gorgeous flowers that adorn the top of the window were maybe a bit more than I should have spent but for only $3 bucks I couldnt pass them up...
The kids' hands make gorgeous artwork & I had the frame here at the house. Free!
I got these curtains for super cheap. So cheap I'm not even gonna tell you how much, but lets just say it was a true steal--which always makes this mama happy:)

I got this white chair at a garage sale last week. It came with a matching make up table that is now in our bathroom being used for another decorating extravaganza. Both together were only $5!
I painted the diamond on it and parts of the legs.
See the stand up lamp in the picture? Another steal! $3 at a garage sale!
Here is a better picture of it all...
Here is the other end of the porch. I fell in love with this GORGEOUS chair at Country Junction. It was my biggest spend for the entire room at $20 but still a good buy. It matches and although the pictures arent good, it really pops in the room! The plate in the right hand side of the picture was another $3 on sale. The table and bench in the picture were already on our porch from when we bought the house and I just painted it black. I also spray painted the basket that sits on the table and will fill it with more lovely flowers when I can find the perfect ones!
The mirror was $5 at the antique mall.
And I got two more signs from country junction for $2 a piece.
The candles in the window came in the pack I mentioned earlier and I had all of the glass candle stick holders from my past party lite business;)
An expanded look.
I plan on adding some red rugs to a few areas and if you know me, you know I probably wont stop there. This was a fun project because it cost so little, took so little time and ended up so beautifully! I love love love this room now and cannot wait to open it up for everyone to enjoy with me at Nora's party on Friday! Wish you ALL could be here to sit on our front porch as well!

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