Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Nora!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!
Three years ago today my life changed forever. Becoming a mother was the desire of my heart since I was a little girl. When I fell in love with Daniel I knew immediately that I wanted to have his children--alot of them! My pregnancy with Nora was, by far, the greatest experience of my entire life...until actually giving birth to her which surpassed every other emotion I had ever experienced. I remember praying over Nora before I knew she was a girl. I remember knowing the things I wanted to teach her, experience with her, and show her. I loved her so deeply from the very first second I realized I was having her. She has been the light of my life for 3 years and will continue to be for as long as I live!

Dear Nora,
Today you are three years old. You keep holding up 3 little fingers while closing one eye as if to tease me. You're growing up and it makes mommy so sad. I cherish my days with you so greatly! You have become so beautiful and so smart. You are learning something new every single day and say the cutest things. We have long talks and you surprise me by how much you know. You love Jesus! It makes my heart melt when you ask me to pray before dinner and at bedtime. I can already see the plans He has set in motion for your life. I have seen them all along. You are set apart, baby. You have a calling of the Lord that is remarkable. Your name, Nora, means "light." When you were growing inside of me, Daddy & I prayed that you would be a light to all people that you would meet. You most certainly are! You are polite and kind; stubborn and aggressive. You love your brother more than yourself and yet love to tease him all day long. You are still a picky eater but surprise me sometimes by joining the clean plate club! You rode by me on your big girl bike yesterday pedaling as fast as you could. It made me realize how much you're growing. You still love to pinch my elbow and snuggle. You enjoy watching cartoons and drinking chocolate milk. You are my climber! You know all of the words to "Jesus loves me" and our favorite bedtime song that you call "step by step." The words actually go like this:
"God, you're my God...and I will ever praise you.
God, you're my God...and I will ever praise you.
I will seek you in the morning & I will learn to walk in your ways
and step by step you'll lead me, and I will follow you all of my days."
We sing it every night.

You're so precious to me, Nora. Not only are you my only little girl but you are my first baby. We share this very unique bond and I feel it every time you look at me. I wish I could explain to you the depth of my love but I simply cannot. I just pray that you feel it and understand it in the same way that I do. I pray that the Lord would continue to teach us how to grow together and change together that we would always experience this kind of intense love for one another. I know we will! You touch so many people's lives and I am so thankful that you are my little girl. You are beyond beautiful and have such awesome gifts. I am honored that God chose to allow me to be your mother. You are the greatest gift I have ever received because YOU made me a mommy. Thank you for being such a good girl, Nora. I hope you have the greatest 3rd birthday ever. It's our day, love. I know God is blessing us!
Happy Birthday. I love you.
Tonight is Nora's big ol' birthday bash! We're having a jump house, hot dogs, cake and lots of friends over to our house! I know I've said it a hundred times but this day is as important to me as it is for Nora. I love celebrating her life and the day that God blessed us with her! I will most definitely share all the details and pictures as soon as I get a chance! I'm so excited to have a good night with all of our friends and family to really focus on Nora! She's my baby...3 years old or not.

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