Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sweet Sunday.

Today was a blessing from start to finish. Probably the most perfect day I have had in a long time. The kids woke up early and laid in bed with us. We all got up and got ready for church without a fuss or argument (which never happens. ever.) Church was wonderful. Such a sweet spirit of the Lord. Daniel played guitar during worship and was thankful to be used in his gift. After church we all took naps.
Quiet in our house is a rarity.

When we woke up, we played outside. Well the kids played outside. Daniel sat beside me playing the new song he wrote and I enjoyed reading more of the "Sacred Marriage." The kids didnt fight, argue or cry. Just giggles, sunshine and a light breeze. I couldnt help but soak it all in, feel the tears in my eyes and embrace the beauty of the moment. Of the day.

My life is all I have ever wanted. Good times or bad, I have a faithful partner, thriving children, provision and protection. God is my source and in that I find such peace.

We took a bike ride, made dinner and now I am drinking coffee and getting ready for a long hot bath.
This day was perfect. I want to remember it for a very long time.
My hair is growing longer finally and Jeni just put more blonde in it. This morning I didnt have time to completely wash it so I pulled it back into a tiny, poofy pony tail for church. Nora hasnt seen it pulled back for as long as she can remember. She came up the stairs and said,
"Oh mom! I like your hair!"
Thanks Nora! That's sweet, honey.
"You look like a horse, mom!"
Ohhhh. Thanks baby.
"Well, like a cowboy. I want to look like a cowboy too."
She proceeded to tell me at least 10 more times that I looked like a horse. Compliment or not...I'm still not sure. But she sure is sweet.
Yesterday I put a new rug in front of the doorway in the bathroom. When Nora woke up and went in to use the potty with her daddy she looked up at him and said, "Dad! Who did this? Who put this carpet here? I dont like this carpet here."
Daniel said, "Mommy likes it Nora. Mommy put it there."
She then requested kindly that I move it under the sink.
I obliged.
She's her mother's child;)

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