Thursday, July 23, 2009

Taking a trip...

Currently I am:
-Reading books with the babies.
-Enjoying their giggles as I chase them through the house.
-Looking at my son's body and wondering how he ever got so cute.
-Admiring Nora as she chews on her outer lip.
-Getting the house in order before we take our first ever over night trip with both babies as a family.
-Packing bags.
-Getting ready to go for a walk.
-Praising God for a wonderful night of sleep...finally.
-Listening to Heidi scratch at the door.
-Waiting for the FedEx truck.
-Missing Rache
-Looking forward to 3 days in a row of uninterrupted time with Daniel.
Our friend, Chris and his fiance' Sam are getting married in Wisconsin on Saturday. We made plans months ago to attend the wedding and I actually cant believe it's already here. So, we are braving up and planning on making the almost 5 hour drive to Madison for just one night this weekend. Although I'm slightly dreading it, due to the long drive with the kids, I am secretly looking forward to the time away. No distractions; just Daniel, the kids and I. I'm excited to swim at our hotel, go out to dinner and just enjoy their company without the chores of the house, bills and life...even if it is just for a day:)
Daniel & Chris were in the Marine Corps together for 4 years and have a very special friendship. They still talk a couple times a week and have been able to remain strong and steady for each other even through their transition to civilian life. I am excited to be able to share in the wedding with he and Sam! Sam was visiting in North Carolina not long after we had Nora and got to hold her as just a tiny baby.
I'd say they're in for quite a little shock...

Anyway, if you could say a prayer for our family to have safe travels during the day tomorrow and Saturday on our way home, we would appreciate it.
We know that the Lord sends his angels to have charge over us and although we pray that over our vehicle often, it is always reassuring to know that you all are praying with us!
Have a good weekend everyone!


Shea Posey said...

Good luck! I know driving 8+ hours with a one year old is pretty taxing. Have fun and safe travels!

Of Pandas and Pirates said...

Many prayers for safe travels! Have a great time at the wedding!