Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What have we been up to?

From snuggle time with grandparents, to poison ivy, to painting...
...to double gates that monster boys can climb, to mean mugs, giggles, bike rides and baths--
I have missed alot in pictures lately!
But, I always keep my promises & now is no different.
Without further ado here is the last few weeks in color:)

Snuggle time with poopaw
Nora squeezing in some pinch time with poopaw and Uncle Jake
This picture was taken the day before Daniel's ivy turned into infected cellulitis in his elbow.

This is also the day before the rash spread rapidly...

The double gate escapade. Yes, Braden climbed OVER it.
The lady and her mean mug.

MeMe & Nora. No wonder Daniel is so handsome...his mama looks so pretty here!
Daddy tickles the babe's with his feet and they LOVE it!

Reading books is a new favorite since we moved the book shelf to Nora's room upstairs.

Hello Handsome♥
Daddy & Nora always share a Sunday snuggle time. I always get jealous...
My new bathroom. The curtains will be here soon and they are a shear light blue. So cute!

And Nora's new "big girl" room

Inside of the brown box we will be hanging a white, square mirror for a focal point. Courtesy of Abby's brilliance.
My leg has been feeling much better so we took a nice bike ride on Sunday evening. Daddy pulled the babies, but it was awesome! Although my leg hurt that night, I can tell it's healing. Thank you Lord!
A few pictures from the tub that now adorn the walls in our bathroom. These two are madly in love with one another. I love their nakey little bodies!
Nora's newest saying (all the time) "Bubby, give me a kissssss"
Bubby is learning to go swimming! hehe.

You know that your 3 year old is super smart when it takes you 2 whole days to figure out that she's telling you that you look like a horse because you have a "pony tail."
Duh mom.
Tomorrow is July 22nd.
It marks 2 years since Jimmy's unexpected death.
I feel like I reminisce about his life and celebrate his Heavenly home so much here and every day that I'm not sure if I'll make an entire post about it tomorrow.
I miss him so much.
Daniel had his drug test for the continued hiring process yesterday. Next week he'll take the polygraph and if all goes well with his background check (we're sure it will;) he will have to go to Chicago to do a psych exam. The process could still take a few weeks but we are trusting in God's timing and ultimately His will; whatever that may be. Thank you for loving us and praying for us always.
I will never go this long without adding pictures again. Thank you for reading and being patient. We love you more than you know!!!


Natalie said...

I love Nora's new room decor! Did the diamonds take you a long time?

Sarah said...

loved the pics of all the new decor! the kiddos are getting SO big. xoxo