Saturday, July 18, 2009

Who's laughing?

In our house, in order to survive the day, you must giggle.
Chuckle, belly laugh, shrug your shoulders, fake smile. & Giggle.
If you visit my house, you must be able to laugh. Take notes.

Like a couple of days ago when Nora decided to pull her underwear just enough to one side to poop right on the floor. 5 or 6 little rabbit turds. And then I hear my husband screaming at me to "get down here and deal with this..." as I'm trying to finish painting Nora's room...

..because I'm on 21 days worth of prednisone and apparently it's a major upper in my system of already high activity...
[I have painted 3 rooms total and redecorated a few in the midst of the second coats]

So I'm running down the stairs yelling back at the mailman that Nora pooping on the floor is truly the least of my worries. She is 3. She poops on the floor sometimes. I dont understand it, but what is so difficult about grabbing a paper towel, some disinfectant spray and picking the turdlets up one by one thereby throwing them in the garbage?
How hard is that to accomplish?

In our house. You have to giggle. Because as we are trying to get the turds picked up, Abby is laughing hysterically while loudly yelling at our ridiculously brainless dog to NOT EAT THE POOP! Get away from the Poop Heidi. NO NO NO! NO BRADEN! Don't pick up that poop, Buddy. You dont wanna eat that poop. As Braden then says, "Eat poop?" (in his high pitched, most innocent voice).
Oh yes. The joy of laughter.
It will save your soul here.

Although I wasnt laughing in the midst of the moment when Heidi escaped for the 50th time a few days ago, I can often look back and chuckle at my life and how I must look chasing her around our neighborhood in my tank top and over sized work out shorts. All the while SCREAMING, "I hate you, Heidi. You are going to get hit. You're gonna get smashed, Heidi. UGHHHHHH I CANNOT STAND YOU. herrrre heidi heidi girl. here baby girl. come to mommy....
and most days I do. But it's a love/hate relationship, I assure you.
Especially when I hear Nora saying, "you're my best friend Heidi and I love you soooo much."
Now that's touching.

Naturally, my children and I draw attention wherever we go. Sometimes I feel like we are a 3 ring circus with an overwhelming redheaded act that no one has ever seen before. People look, smile and giggle at our loud brood of over zealous red heads. I can only imagine the thoughts that run through the neighbor's minds when I'm yelling at the kids in my front yard and they are running away faster than I can get to them or while chasing our dog while screaming such awful things in her direction.
I eventually caught Heidi. After running around the block a few times. She would run straight up to my ankles, smile this ridiculous puppy grin and fly away. She was enjoying the freedom but I was running through our neighbor's yards like a complete psycho. Daniel was inside with the kids but on an ordinary afternoon, I would have had to just let her go. After all, I cannot be gallivanting around for minutes at a time while leaving my two mischievous young ins in the house.

I've learned to laugh over just about anything these days. Daniel has a little bit of growing to do in this area. He doesnt see the humor in deliberately peeing or pooping on the hardwood floor or pouring an entire fountain pop over your head, or babies biting each other's fingers while laughing hysterically at one another.

Our days are long and there are SO many things I often want to write on here right away as to never forget the sort of dilemmas we face; because like all young moms raising children, I face them. But many days I want to tuck them in the back of my mind, laugh them off and never revisit that particular incident. Because in the moment, it is often more frustrating than funny.

Braden is jumping out of his crib now. He is also saying full sentences such as,
"I dont wanna go to the corner."
"Here, mom, I'll show you."
"I want chocolate milk."
"I love you. Goodnight. God bless you. See you in morning."
Yes, indeed, he is by far my most difficult challenge most days, especially when coupled with Heidi...

...but his sister falls into a quick second these days as far as being a challenge. Just in the last couple of weeks she is doing things that she hasnt done before. And if she did do them before, they were less intentional. Now, it's almost always deliberate. It's difficult to discipline her because she is still so little (and so darn cute) but she is learning to be disobedient in alot of ways and so we are finding a balance. Counting to 3 works wonders for me and she almost always listens before "3!" And if she doesnt, and I tell her to get in the corner, she immediately says, "I'm sorry mom." because she's too smart and knows that's what she needs to do for freedom. Oh my sweet baby girl.

Although most days are long, hard and exhausting they are also so completely rewarding. I feel incredibly blessed and fulfilled in my duties as mom. In fact, I have never desired anything more. I am truly living the desire of my heart; my dream. To raise these children in this home where the spirit of the Lord reigns freely is a blessing. To have the opportunity to endure long days in order to properly discipline and teach them is something that I am daily grateful for. We live in a country where Daniel & I are free to decide how we teach, mold and shape our own children. Some people are not as blessed. Indeed we have our work cut out for us. We all want our children to grow up healthy, safe, and happy. But because we believe that children are a reward from the Lord (psalm 127:3) we also have a deeper responsibility to raise them according to how the Lord would direct us.

Daily we count it a blessing to have the opportunity to parent Nora and Braden. They are not ours, after all. They are children of the Lord and from the very moment that we knew we were bringing them into this life, we gave them up to Him. We trust that He will give us wisdom and direction when teaching them, but ultimately we know that He is guiding their lives. He has a plan and a purpose for them. Therefore we strive every day, even in the madness and chaos, to train up our children in the ways of the Lord so that when they are older they will not forsake or depart from those teachings. (Prov. 22:6)

Mothers, I encourage you today to take a deep breath and have a little chuckle.
Do not look at the mess or the extreme situation you may be facing with your little one.
Keep in mind that they were born into sin and that is not their fault. They have to be taught what is right and wrong and that comes from our patience and direction. No one else will do it. The Lord entrusted you!
Take a few minutes to rub their little heads and speak a gentle prayer or thankfulness and protection over their lives and even over your day. Feel the peace of the Lord fall onto your shoulders and allow Him to move you in the ways of your child raising.
It's far too difficult of a task to do alone...
...but you do not have to.
Even in this, the Lord will never leave you or forsake you. He has given us many instructions in how to care for our children. Seek out His word and trust in Him.
Enjoy your day. Enjoy your children.
And giggle.

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