Saturday, July 25, 2009


I am currently blogging from my couch. Sitting next to my honey and watching a movie. Enjoying the quiet and peace of our own house. Our trip to Wisconsin was short lived. Due to traffic yesterday the trip took almost an hour longer than we expected and the kids slept only 30 minutes of the entire drive, leaving them fussy and exhausted, to say the least. They did ok over all, but by the time we got to the hotel and went swimming they were far gone. We got their jammies on and took them out to dinner which went well but added more to their level of exhaustion!

At bedtime, Nora cried, pleaded and begged for us to "please let her go home. Please please please take me home, mama." It was pitiful. To top it off when we finally laid down she simply said, through her tears, "just pray, mom." and as I did, she fell asleep in my arms. My sweet girl.

Braden slept like a champ and to think he was the one I worried about. That boy never ceases to surprise me. He did good in the hotel and they were both just so excited to be somewhere new. They especially liked getting up early and walking downstairs to get their breakfast with no shoes on! The little things that can entertain them amaze me and take me back to that childlike mindset. It's refreshing, really.

The wedding today was beautiful! So simple, small, elegant and glamorous. It was an outdoor wedding and neither Daniel nor I have ever attended one before. It was at a butterfly garden so we got to walk around and enjoy some beautiful scenery before the actual ceremony began. Nora really enjoyed seeing all the flowers and beautiful structures!

I walked in these. ouch.
Nora and I found this beautiful statue in the middle of a small, gorgeous pond. It was like a secret garden and it made me feel young again. This was on a path that led to the ceremony. So pretty!
I got to enjoy some of my favorite things to photograph.
Simplicity embraces me.

These were our babes late last night as we were heading back to the hotel after dinner. They were exhausted :(

Bubby LOVED the new room
...we took our blocks and played & played...

Bubby & Daddy early this morning. Snugglin like it's their job!
This morning before the wedding we attempted to take a few pictures of our family. Key Word: Attempted.

My guy is so handsome♥
Nora got to sit next to the big bear at this table and she thought it was SO neat! She wants to go back just for this I'm sure!
My lovelies.
Honestly, I am amazed at their beauty and zeal for life. They truly are such blessings and God is going to use them in very powerful ways!
In all the beauty around, she was noticed most of all. Everyone wants to see the redheaded girl in the yellow dress.
Nora sees the beauty in the small things like her mama. I caught her in a sweet little moment...
and then, while we were all alone we stumbled upon a dock pond. There had to have been hundreds of mommy's with their ducklings. It was precious!And then MY little duckling had to show off his masculine abs in the middle of the flower garden. He's a stud. What can I say?
Thank you for your prayers of safety and travel. We had a great trip with no complications and felt the presence of the Lord directing us. The kids were great, over all and I really enjoyed myself. However, being home has never felt better. We took a walk after bath time tonight and have just spent the evening relaxing. It's hard to go go go.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Sunday is such an awesome day of rest for our family, and I pray for yours as well. Although as a mom I feel like I never get to fully rest, I feel the presence of God allowing me to find peace and rest in Him on this day set apart from the others. Daniel is playing worship for service in the morning and I know that we will enjoy a lazy afternoon of naps and snuggles with the kids. I hope that you all had a great weekend and will ask God for rest in the specific area of your life that you may need it tomorrow.

I wanted to write it here, since I have had little time to reply, that I AM getting your prayer requests and emails! Keep them coming! I take the time to pray over them and ask that the Lord remind me of your specific situation when He would lead me to stand in the gap for you. He is faithful in doing that and I enjoy being part of such detailed parts of your lives. I cant thank you enough for trusting me with such things! Even I have little time to reply to you, I will always pray and eventually will find time to tell you what the Lord may give me for you. Sometimes it is nothing. Sometimes I'm asked only to pray. Either way, I am humbled and honored that you want to include me in your walk and sometimes your struggles. I love you all more than you know!!!
God bless you and enjoy your Sabbath!

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