Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A chance to win & Updates.

Hi! (waves)
Are you reading? See that comment box at the bottom of the post? Leave me a comment to let me know! I love hearing from my readers [especially the ones here in town.] And I know there are more of you than just the 23 who admittedly stalk me. I know so because at least a handful of you stop Daniel on his route and ask him for updates on his job, Braden's fits, poison ivy and occasionally even the current poop situation in our house. Hmm.
If you're reading and you leave a comment you'll be entered into a drawing for a really neat subscription to a really neat magazine. I'll give details later. You have 4 days.

4 days to get over your fear and anxiety about leaving a comment on a blog. You can do it. I know you can.
On to more important updates:
--Granny was rushed into emergency surgery last night. Yes, she IS 90 some years old. The surgery went ok but the next few days will surely be rough on her body. Please pray. We appreciate it. It was a long night but we were so thankful that the outcome was a successful surgery because medically speaking, things could have turned out alot worse. Thank you Jesus!

--I went off the prednisone one week ago today. Since then my leg pain has returned at full force. In fact, it feels worse than before. I probably over did it the last couple of weeks when the medicine was clearly masking the pain. I had no way of knowing but am still frustrated. Exercising is the one thing I do for me. It's the one thing I find enjoyment in that is mine. I'm back to not teaching my classes and resting. And I'll probably get fat. But who can tell?
Please pray. I appreciate you interceding on my behalf.

--Braden also came off his meds 3 days ago and has been (ahem) psycho ever since. Please pray for my sanity. Seriously.

I have more pictures for you all. Will upload them sometime today so be looking. And dont forget to comment and let me know you're reading. You never know what you could be getting ready to win;)
Love you all!


Of Pandas and Pirates said...

Hi Ramee!! You know I still read your blog and pray for your family daily. I love the new layout! It's beautiful! Saying many prayers for your grandmother, Braden, your leg and your beautiful family. If you could please keep Adam in your prayers that he finds a nice, stable job soon we would very much appreciate it! Can't wait to see who wins the magazine subscription! :)

Natalie said...

Well, you know I am one of your admitted stalkers! And I always look for updates on those crazy redheads!

Tonja81 said...

I'm an open stalker of yours, Ramee. But I hardly ever comment. I rarely comment any of the blogs that I read, though. LOL :)

Anonymous said...

I also am a stalker Ramee. Your blog has imspired me to create my own blog! So thank you for that! I pray over your family and thank God for your inspiring words. You're such a perfect role model!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! You know I read your blog I love it! You are an awesome writer!! I never keep my own blog up to date!!

Shea Posey said...

I read your blog Ramee!! I may not post comments all the time but I pray for you and your family every time you've asked to. And you've help me realize that when I was at my wit's end with Rosslyn, that every mom goes through it and it doesn't last forever.

Yanick said...

Hey Ramee. Yanick here. I read when I can and comment when ever I have the time. I also e-mailed you a couple of times with healthy/fitness questions too, lol. I'm still here! :0)