Thursday, August 27, 2009

chatter or updates.

Sorry for my lack of posting. I've just been feeling, well, lazy.
The kids are up to the same ol' no good and I'm exhausted.
I mean, take yesterday for example. Both kids were playing quietly in toy room. When I walked in to check on them Nora had a brown smear on her face and she was covering a spot on the couch with both tiny hands. It was right before her nap time so she had a diaper on. She was extremely tired. However, I DO NOT think that is an excuse to poop in her diaper, dig inside of it, pull out a big chunky turd and smear it on the couch with BOTH hands. It was disgusting and I was furious. And tired. And did I mention disgusted? Ahh, yes. I did.

I took her into the bathroom and bathed her but the smell was horrendous. When she went to bed, I moved the entire couch across the room towards the door. It was done. I was in no mood to clean or restore this pee and pooped on couch. But, daddy to the rescue. Daniel came home and went OCD on the old thing with all the bleach and cleaners we own. He showed me the end result by holding up the nasty towel he used to clean it with. Whatever I suppose. It's the toy room couch. At least I have a nice not pooped on couch in my living room. Thankfully.

Speaking of Nora:
-She is OBSESSED with the number 6 lately. It's weird. We know. And I'm only writing about it because in 10 years from now I want to remember it. Maybe then it will be cute. For now, it's just plain creepy. Jeni walked in to tell her goodnight the other night and she was just staring off into space. Jeni said, "What are you doing baby?"
Nora replied, "Just looking for the number 6."

-She knows ALL of her colors as of this week. She can say "A pumpkin is orange. An apple is red, etc." I'm so proud of her.

-She is riding her big girl bike (with training wheels) like a champ! Makes me sad...

-She still loves to play dress up and is using her imagination SO much lately. She got her play high heels on and threw her play purse over her shoulder a few days ago, while telling me she was going to her job.
"Bye mom! Have a good day. I'm going to work."

And now onto my boy.
Braden is going to be 2 in just over a week. I cant believe it yet it feels like this has been the longest 2 years of my entire life. He still cries over just about everything. And nothing at all. In the midst of the crying last night, Aunt Jeni said to him, "Hey bubba, when you turn 2 are you gonna stop crying over everything?"
He cried.

-He, too, knows alot of his colors. Thanks to his big sister, I think he'll be a pretty quick learner.

-He says everything now, especially repeating anything we ask him to. He gets lazy using alot of grunts in place of some of his words, but he is so smart and such a clear speaker. Even better than Nora was at this age. It's amazing the difference in kids.

-He specifically told me he wants a 'choo-choo train cake' for his birthday. A mind of his own, like always.

-He seems to be walking on his tip-toes more now than ever. He has so many of these goofy, sweet little quirks but I really hope he outgrows this one. I find myself saying "Flat-footed buddy" most of the day. Sure reminds me of my best-friend-since-kindergarten's daughter, Kyleigh who STILL prefers her toes over the normal stride of other children. Her toes even break open from the wear and tear to her little feet.

Daniel is doing well. He is getting a lot of over-time at work and enjoying the cooler days we have been having. He is still playing worship at church on Sunday mornings and loves being a part of that. His spirit has been crushed and lifted a lot in the last couple of weeks and yet I see him clinging to our Savior for direction and guidance. He's a good man.

I am doing well also. I have had little time for my school work but am still only 2 lessons away from being completely finished. I decorated for fall yesterday and cleaned the entire house like a man woman. That
always makes me feel amazing and the house looks so clean and autumn-like. There is nothing like it! My leg feels better the last couple of days but is still achy at night. I hate not being able to exercise and have maybe gained a pound or two. Although I attribute that to a couple blizzards and a few extra cookies lately. Because? Well, because I wanted them of course!

It seems as if all of the people around me are pregnant. And I have NO desire what-so-ever to be. That's right. The one who wanted 7 children is being passed up by almost all of her friends. And I'm ok with that. Funny what one beautiful yet challenging boy will do to a young mom. He has made me appreciate the quiet time that I have, and the sleep that I have earned. I will cherish these days with my little ones because to be honest, I dont know if I'll do it again. Ever. Only God and time will tell I suppose....but for now, I just enjoy these days with these babes.

I suppose that's it for now. Same ol' story in this world. I should have a reality show that focuses on the amount of poop adventures we have in this house. It would be well-watched I'm sure. I'll post more updates and even some pictures soon. For now, I cant stand this computer one more minute.

Have a good day. I have cramps and loads of laundry. Joy.

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Sarah said...

hey, i saw the pumpkins and fall decor as i was driving by your house today. it looks fantastic!! xoxo