Saturday, August 8, 2009

An earring in your nose?

Nora: "Mom, you have an earring in your nose?"
Me: "Yes, baby. Do you like it?"
Nora: "Well... (long pause) I would like to touch it."
Me: "It's ok, buddy. I just have an earring in my nose."
Braden: "ring? nose?"
Me: "Yep. Do you like it?"
Braden: "I do like it!"
Common Questions:
Q: Did it hurt?
A: Not at all! It was done and over with so quickly I didnt have time to think about it! My eyes watered just for a second, but over all it was not painful!

Q: You're a mom! Why did you do that?
A: I'm a mom. Not a nun. Why not?

Q: What are you gonna do when you get a cold?
A: Um....?
Do you know that in the Word of God, Paul talks about how he has to become like the gentiles to reach the gentiles? He becomes like the jew to reach the jew. I'm absolutely not saying that I had to get a nose ring to reach a certain genre of people. However, my friends and the people that I commonly find myself interacting with are not perfect.
Daniel & I have tattoos. We have piercings. And we love Jesus.
It alters our appearance. slightly. It doesnt change our heart.
In fact, our hearts are right where they need to be. In love with the Savior! Seeking Him. Trusting Him. Depending on Him.
We want to spread His name and bring Him glory.
If I approach someone to speak with them about Jesus and I look just like they do, they are more than likely going to hear me out. They will accept me and what I have to say because I am no different than they are.
The only difference between myself and another person who may look alot like me is that I am saved by the Father and they may not be....
...but need to be.

I pray, Lord, that you would use me as a vessel that I would speak your word. Use me, God to reach the unsaved and strike a passion in their hearts for you. Help me to have understanding and a unique sensitivity to people and their needs. I know they are hurting, God. Speak through me and use me in mighty ways that they would come to know you. Mend their hearts today, I pray. Take their spirits and revive them to a place of utter fire for you! Thank you for setting me apart for your purpose, God. I will not go in vain. It's all for your glory, Father. I love you.

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Teena said...

That is really cool. I am an older mom with 6. My oldest came back from a summer mission trip (from Oregon) with earrings. :) We live in the South and so many rejected him. Your testimony touched my heart. He is sold out... for Jesus. Wants to church plant... is so grounded. Lots of wisdom. He has also aquired a tatoo... that says "grace" on the inside of his wrist... it is in Hebrew. He is married now and 24.

Thank you for sharing. I love your redheads.