Monday, August 31, 2009

Changing seasons.

Fall is in the air. If you know me, you'd recognize the changing of the seasons by the darkening of my hair...
I recognize it by the first morning chill, unearthed in our large, old house in the early morning. I recognize it in the sock-footed babes who creep into my room and snuggle under my cozy quilt that brings comfort not only to them, but their mama too.
I notice it in the smell of candles, the smile of mailmen and the decorations that have already found their appropriate place on my walls, preparing for the coming months.
This is my favorite season. My favorite time of all.

Brother seems to be enjoying the changing seasons as well. He spends alot of his time (especially in the van) just belly laughing at his sister. After all, she is rather funny. and cute. But that's another post. Let's get back to brother. He's going to be 2 in a few short days. I almost can't believe my own words while I'm typing it. I mean...
it seems so long ago that I birthed this crying boy... Ahem.

Now, back to fall. Let's see. I baked my first ever homemade pie last week. It was cherry. And it was delightful. Almost perfect if I do say so myself. I'm spending alot of time baking and cooking lately. Such is the life of a housewife in autumn with the windows open and the cool breeze blowing through her kitchen. I have been spending lots of time loving on my redheads as of late. Nora is surprisingly ornery with every day that passes, but she's still my girl. My number 1. My lady. I adore her.

...and him...

(as if you didnt know) My little ones are enjoying the autumn breeze and the cool end-of-summer days. I enjoy seeing their piggies all wrapped up in tennis shoes and comfy socks. In fact, there's nothing much I love more [except maybe bare feet in the stroller]...but you know...

What else is new in our family?
Daddy got new sunglasses && looks super handsome.
The white door behind him in this picture is not painted black...
I'm trying to let my hair grow and can now get it back into a "pony-tail," which you may all remember is why my 3 year old calls me a horse.
We have officially started fall by attending our first cookout. What was titled an "end of the summer" get together ended up being a cold evening of hoodies, s'mores and an awesome fire.
Daddy spent lots of time spinning his babes and throwing them way up high...
His lady adores him...
...and he's rather fond of her too.
She is more than animated in her speaking these days. She always has something to say and an expression to go with every point she's trying to make. She's silly and she knows it. She is beautiful...and she knows it;)

This is like the picture of perfection! It melts my heart to see her in long sleeves in front of a pile of fire wood.
The kids are playing so well together lately. They rarely fight, but if they do it's followed by biting, pulling of hair and a lot of screaming which almost always results in not one but two redheads standing in a corner....but like I said--they usually play really well together.
While at the cookout last weekend, we got to see the balloons launching from the annual balloon festival nearby. I got some neat pictures with the zoom lens and it was a really neat thing to see!

So with the changing of seasons, often there is a changing of the spirit. Lately I feel it more than ever. My spirit is quickening, even hungering for the things of God. I have this desire to surround myself with Godly people, things, chatter and celebration. It surely is a time to reflect on His goodness.
I feel changes coming in our family as well. I'm not sure how, when or why. I dont have anything specific, by word of mouth or in writing. But I feel the Lord preparing us for something new. Something different. And I'm excited for the opportunity to be used of Him.
Change me like the seasons, Oh Lord.


Ashleigh said...

I miss this time of year so much there. Your pics made me sad but happy at the same time :) Love Nora's puma outfit, hehe.

Shea Posey said...

I love their chucks!!! And your pictures are just amazing!