Friday, August 14, 2009

"I miss you so much!"

There are some days when I need a break from my babies
And then there are days like today.
They have been with me all day just like always. But I babysat the girls this morning from 8-11:3o so I saw very little of my redheads.
Braden took a brief nap and Nora didnt at all...but she her room.
When the kids woke up we had a nice visit with Bob & Jennifer.
They were the youth pastors at our church until last summer when they took a slight break from the ministry. A sabbatical, if you will.
They waited and prayed and listened to the heart of God.
And God led them back to Illinois a few weeks ago to be the Sr. pastors at a church in Paris. Illinois of all places. God is silly funny sometimes.

Anyway, our kids got to play with their kids. I got to visit with Jennifer, (and Bob) and I'm going bowling with her and some other ladies from our church tonight. It should be fun.

The point is this.
Some days I can be on the verge of tears. On the edge of losing it.
And today I couldnt be closer to either of my redheaded, loud-mouthed babes.
I miss them and they are right beside me.
I feel like that with their dad sometimes too.
I think it reminds me how deep my love really goes.
And believe me. It's deep.

I've written about how sometimes Nora will look at me and so sincerely will say, "I miss you so much mom."
It tears my heart in two. But I understand it.
What she is really trying to say is, "I love you so much mom. I can never be close enough. I can never spend enough time with you. I want more and more of you. I hunger and thirst for you. I breathe and live for you. You are my everything."
And when I say it, feel it and think it about any of them, that's what I'm trying to say as well.
...and I think God feels that way about His children too...
Do YOU feel that way about Him?
I know I do. I desperately do.

So I'm gonna go spend some time with my lovely lady and rockin, dancin boy. I'm gonna spend a few minutes hugging and kissing my handsome husband.
And later I'm gonna spend time with my best friend, Jesus.
Because I miss them all so much.
And yet they are all right here with me.
All day. Every day. they are all right here.

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