Monday, August 3, 2009


What's Yours?
For those of you that see me walking mile after mile around our little town, pushing a couple redheads in my double stroller, wondering how on earth I can do it...
Just see for yourself.
If you got to stare down at those piggies for an hour every day, you could surely make it too! In fact, you may even enjoy it.
It's perfection. My bliss.
Paradise behind the stroller.
This was taken yesterday so as you can see, my leg is, in fact, better! Thank you Jesus! I didnt know if I'd get to walk the babies at all this summer or even fall for that matter. But the Lord has healed my leg and I feel great. Full of energy and excited to be walking again. I LOVE these times with the kids. I love talking to them the entire time, listening to our worship music through the speakers and just focusing on how great life is. There is something very calming and special about my walks with the kids and I know that I will look back on them as some of my fondest memories! Thank you for your continued prayers for my leg and healing. It has been almost 3 months of rest and I am so thankful that I took the time to do that for myself. Now I can get back to being the mom I love to be--active, energetic and full of adventure for the babies.

Daniel took his polygraph test on Friday and passed, of course. He is thankful to have that part of the process over with. He was told that at this point we just need to wait for a call to go any further in the process. They are still conducting the background check and the Lt. has been to all of our neighbor's houses, the church, and I'm sure a number of other places that we dont even know about...just to ask about Daniel and the kind of man he is. In a way, it's very intimidating and nerve-racking. On the other hand, the prospect of him getting hired looks very good if they are going to all of this effort to ask about him. We're still just praying and hopefully we'll get a good call with good news in the next couple of days.
Will you join us in prayer for God's will?

We are still recovering from a busy birthday weekend! Last night Braden broke out in hives very quickly, as he did the day before. I decided to take him to the ER. They determined that he is definitely having allergies to something or another and that we should go ahead with some testing to figure out what could be causing his little skin to break out so badly. They gave him an oral dose guessed it, prednisone. Whew. I'll be glad when we're all free of that drug! 5 days of a small dose for the boy and we should be in the clear. We will call his pediatrician and do allergy testing soon. Please pray that we would get clear results and that there will not be anything significant about his situation that would cause alarm. We plead health over our children in the name of Jesus!

So, the start of a new week! I'm back to teaching Pilates tomorrow night and although I'm excited, it will be hard to get back into the routine of having somewhere to be again. Fall is quickly approaching and the weather here has been proof of that. I cannot wait! We are driving to Indiana on Thursday to see Lucy, Jessy, Ryan and their new baby girl, Sophia. We are excited to make the trip to spend time with all of them. Hopefully I will leave with zero baby fever. haha. For the rest of you, enjoy your day and week. I love you all and continue to pray over the requests of those of you that have sent them to me.
If you would like prayer for a specific situation in your life, please email me! I'd love to join with you in prayer to the Father!

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