Friday, August 7, 2009

Redheaded Goodness

My NEW all-time favorite picture?
For sure!
Who wouldn't love being a stay-at-home mom. Looking at this all day long makes for a pretty enjoyable day, after all.
Just perfect. and ornery. depends on who's askin.

My guys. Tell me why neither of my kids got that cute little dimple that Mr. Larson sports every time he even thinks about grinning?
Braden, Braden, Braden. He certainly IS as wild as he looks. ;)
Hmmm...this picture just about says it all. He was eating chocolate ice cream with his daddy.
Sweet little cheeks. Nice little Mohawk. Oh yum.
...and honestly, he is going to walk on water with the ladies some day. Just check out those baby blues. gets me every time.
And WHO can resist a wrinkle-nosed, slightly buck-toothed, mohawked redhead who has the sweetest toes and greatest giggle? NoOne!
What's happening in our world?
So glad you asked!

-My nose is now pierced. It's true. I have been thinking about it for awhile and at Nora's birthday party decided I'd go for it. Lots of my friends have them done and I loved you know me. Impulsive yet decisive with no regrets. A few nights before I did it Nora randomly came up to me and said:
"Mommy...I have a big nose like you do."
I had second thoughts about the nose piercing. I do have a huge nose.
Oh well. Embracing it.
I'll share pictures soon.

I am on my last book for my schooling. It's going well. I'm getting an A and learning alot. Will be ready to apply for jobs in the fall (and will work from home when I can!)

We still havent heard anything about the new job for Daniel. Still praying. Waiting. Hoping. Believing.

Braden still has hives off and on for the last couple of days. He is on his last day of prednisone today and is extremely irritable and frustrating. Not a whole lot different than usual, but enough to make me wanna cry.

Heidi smells like poop. still.
Mixture of the skunk odor that is lingering and the fact that she gets in our trash and eats the kids' poopy diapers. still.
Will she ever learn how disgusting she is?

Pilates is going great. I'm super sore. I forget how easily it is to get out of shape, even after only a few weeks of not doing anything. bummer.

My sister is having a lot of stomach pain and has been really sick. She went for a CT scan of her tummy yesterday and I'd appreciate it if you'd pray with me for clear answers and healing in her body! We should know something in a few days.

Everything else is the same.
Wild boy, slightly potty trained yet lazy girl, stinky & annoying dog, lots of laundry, summer walks, worship music, rainy day headaches and yummy dinners.
Just a whole lot of redheaded goodness.
I love my life.

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