Sunday, August 16, 2009


I heard their giggles from the other room.
I listened as they played back and forth, calling each other by name.
One, the older, explaining things to the brother as he listens and then answers.
I heard their talking, and their voices and I listened intently.
Through the noise and the chatter I heard grace fill the room.
I heard the abundance of my life being lifted into the air that flows through this house.
It is the sound of growth, and bonding.

Sometimes I listen at the bottom of the stairs as he; the dad, puts the brother to bed.
I enjoy tucking them in and stealing the last minutes of cuddle time from their day, but it has become a large part of dad's day to tuck brother in.
And so I listen.
And I hear it.
The sound of a father praying over his toddler son.
The same voice and the same tone of prayer that was used when praying over our infant son, who has now grown a year or so past that phase of his life.
All too quickly.
I listen to the father of our children pray as he listens to His Father, our God.
His voice is the perfect balance of firm discipline and gentle, loving strength.
He adores our children and I hear his devotion down the hall and stairs, past the exterior of our walls, and right into the center of my spirit.
It resonates here. This sounds of togetherness.

Sometimes I close my eyes when he uses his calloused hands to make beautiful melodies on his instrument.
The guitar.
Our guitar, I'd like to think.
I close my eyes and I listen to this gift being opened up and indulged.
Devoured by his spirit because the passion consumes him.
And it does.
I hear the sound of a devoted man to the Father.
A man ready to be used for the spread of the kingdom.
I hear the sound of the music fill this home and silently I can picture the notes sticking to our walls like double sided tape on a paper.
Tape to the paper.
Music to our spirits.
And it is here.
This togetherness.

Tonight as I listened to little voices chatter to one another, their daddy strum the strings of that which he was called for, coupled with the beautiful sound of raindrops outside springing up fresh colors anew, I rejoiced internally.
I was quiet and I listened, making sure I heard.
Often times we do not, but that moment-each of them, I heard.
And I realized, like so many times before
that these are most certainly the best days of my life.

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