Friday, August 21, 2009

The way of the Lord.

Sometimes we humanize life too much. We put our own thoughts, and our own actions into play. We panic. We act in a moment of fear.
And it takes God to slow us down, and gently put us back in our place.
This place of reverence and humble being longing for this God.
This place of feeling all to unworthy of His love and grace.
And Compassion.

I really feel like there are times when we think of God in this way-
"God will bless me because I give to Him, am faithful to Him, live my life for Him, do this for Him, or that for Him."
And yet when I expressed some of these very same things to my best and dearest friend, Rachel, she simply said something that rocked me to my core.
Something I know. Something I have heard over and over again.
And yet it knocked me back to this place of utter humility before our King.
"So often we think that it's about what we can do for God. And yet God himself wants to know what He can do for us simply because He loves us. Not because of what we can do for Him."
And I am so unworthy.

There are moments in life when we question God and the journey He has led us on. We all do it...because we are human and we have no other way of comprehending or even trying to understand the finite ways of God. And although He can & does, in fact, speak to us-we sometimes miss His voice.
In the chaos, noise, frustration, anger, bitterness, loneliness, confusion, madness and clutter of our lives, His voice becomes almost void.
God sometimes is lost in the shuffle of our minds.
But He's constantly there. Calling. Speaking.

In this day, I am learning that it often takes a large circumstance in our lives to bring us to an understanding of the Lord's plan for our lives. It is not always the plan we have in mind. In fact, we can be almost sure that something IS the will of God, and then He may close a door, making it obvious that He is, in fact, still in control. That is sometimes a hard and frustrating place to be, but ultimately it proves that His love is so deep for us. He doesnt want us on a path that is not laid by Himself. He has greater things. A deeper purpose.

Sometimes we are so close to something that we feel is perfect for our lives in this moment and in the blink of an eye it changes. The peace that you thought you felt about that situation is now questioned and the enemy uses it against you.

But do not question it! The Lord works everything out for the good! He uses each and every circumstance and situation as a learning, growing and strengthening process.

Our lives are like that of clay. Daniel & I have chosen to let the Potter himself mold and shape our lives according to His plan and purpose. No matter where that leads us, what doors may open or close, the kind of pain it may bring, confusion it may cause or frustration we have to bear. We are submitting to the will of God for our lives. Ultimately, our hearts bleed for more of His guidance and assurance as we walk this path that we pray is laid only by Him.
And because we know it is, we are still.
We are faithful.
We are humble.
We are unworthy but He has called us anyway.
And our Lord is an awesome God!
Jake started 6th grade (Jr. High) today! I can hardly believe it. He said he loves all of his teachers and has alot of friends in all of his classes. Still it seems unreal that my baby brother (my first baby truly) is going to be a teenager before I know it. Jr. High [sigh] and all the memories.
I'll never forget sitting with Daniel & all of 'the boys' at lunch my 6th grade year. Although he doesnt remember me ever sitting with them. Shows what I meant to him back then. Nada. I was just some weird redhead with freckles and crazy bangs. Oh well.
Please pray for Jake as this is only his 2nd year in public schools. My mom home schooled him until last year (and did a great job!) He needs us to daily lift him up in this journey and I know we will all covet your prayers on his behalf.
We had a little [Ahem] situation with the van this week. Long story, short:
Daniel was lifting weights in the garage one night and was listening to music. He ended up leaving the key on in the van all night long. The van was deader than dead the next morning. Instead of getting one of the (men) neighbors to help me jump it, I called my mom. We hooked up the cables and somehow grounded out the wire causing a huge amount of smoke (and almost fire) to erupt in the garage. We panicked and THEN got the neighbor. It turns out it burnt up the alternator in the van and after like 3 days of trying to determine and fix it, we FINALLY have the van up and running again.
Thanks, Dad! You're a mechanical genius and I love you for it;)
Nora & Braden are as great as ever, but more on that tomorrow!
Heidi is..........................ugh.............nevermind.

Have a great night. I'm so glad it's the weekend. Although it never truly feels like that around here. We love you all and I promise to update tomorrow with more about life in our home this week and some pictures to spare.

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