Saturday, August 29, 2009

Who's finally having a baby?

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,the fruit of the womb a reward.Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth.Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate."
Psalm 127:3-5

For 7 months our friends, Rachel & Amos have been trying to have a baby. They have been praying, pleading and patiently waiting for God to give to them a child. A chosen child.

During these last seven months I have heard my friend cry, and laugh at the irony of ovulation. I have heard the frustration in her voice, covered ever so gently by an incredible amount of grace. Alongside her husband, Rachel has truly learned the power of long suffering and endurance. They have prevailed in the face of fear and insecurity. They have bound together so tightly to see that they are being faithful in every way, in order to receive this perfect and special gift from the Lord. The testimony that they will share with their first child someday will be that of love, patience, goodness, mercy, faithfulness, long suffering, pain, endurance, strength and grace.
Oh, what grace.

Rachel is pregnant!
And she will make a great mother!

I know that I have asked you for your prayers on several occasions regarding Rachel & Amos. Thank you for covering them with your love and diligence to pray for the gift of this baby. Now, will you continue to uplift them during this journey?

Pray for this unborn baby. This perfect, whole, precious baby who already has a plan, a future, a hope and a life? This baby that Jesus already knows by name? Will you pray for a healthy, vibrant pregnancy? That Rachel's body would adjust to the changes that so rapidly will affect her and for Amos-that he would daily know how to help his wife?

In other countries and different cultures, some believe in the practice of giving an unborn children up to the god's of their nations while they are still in utero. They literally have a witch doctor perform unthinkable acts around a mother's growing tummy to ensure that the child inside will be born into the evil culture.

Knowing that we serve a God who IS alive and absolutely has a purpose for every new life--how much more powerful can it be to covet our unborn children in prayer that they would be given up to a God that loves and cares for them? It is vital that we join with Rachel and Amos in prayer over their baby. From now until that child is grown and can accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, we need to agree over his or her life every day. It's important, meaningful and necessary.

Rachel & Amos,
I am honored to be such a huge part of your lives. From the moment I saw you together for the first time after that terribly long deployment, I knew that your love was unique. I hear you speak of your prayer time together and the things of God that you discuss and it excites me! Knowing your child will be raised hearing the things of our Lord is so special and encouraging.

I have been privileged to be a part of this journey with you in even the smallest way. Praying for you, lifting you up and standing beside you every step of the way has taught me so many things about my walk with Jesus. It's funny how our life experiences so quickly change us. And this definitely has.
You will be incredible parents.
Rache, you're so loving and motherly. I know you'll bake cookies and decorate and enjoy everything about motherhood.

And Amos, just by looking at your hands many years ago, I could see how gentle of a father you would be. I still believe so with all my heart. You are such a great provider and caretaker of your wife and she appreciates everything you do for her. Be patient in the coming weeks, friend. She will need you to be;)

Cling to one another during the changes ahead. Embrace them with everything inside of you. Learn to appreciate the smallest victory and lean on each other when you feel overwhelmed or weak. You might...and thats ok. It's all ok.

The journey you are about to start together is one that will change you both forever. I truly believe that parenthood finally seals that covenant between a husband and a wife and makes them 'one' in a complete and whole kinda way. You'll see soon enough what I mean. God brought the two of you together for a purpose and a time such as this. This is the will of God for your lives at this exact moment and there is nothing more exciting than to be walking perfectly in the center of His will.
I know you will never take a second of it for granted.
Fasten your seat belts. I love you both more than you know.


Rachel said...

Rame. This means so much to both of us and I can't wait for Amos to read it. Thank you for walking beside us and praying us through the tough days. I am grateful for every single thing you have said, and I am once again in awe of the friend the Saviour has given me. Thank you thank you thank you for everything. I am so excited to share this journey with you and your family as well :) Love you so much.

Sarah said...

wow, that is great news. please pass on the congrats and well wishes!! they will be in my thoughts and prayers! xoxo

Jackelyn said...

CONGRATULATIONS to Rachel and Amos!