Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So today is the day.
I return to teaching Pilates.
Which I havent done in quite some time, other than at home...a little.
So because today is the day, I thought I would give you all a couple fitness tips, since I havent posted any for awhile!

As you all know, I have been resting my leg for about 12 weeks.
I just started walking the babies again recently and last night went on my first 4 mile jog (with Heidi, who is not a runner for the record.)
I have maintained my weight at 108 during this time of resting
[Thank you metabolism!]
I worked really really hard for months to get a metabolism that would hold out on me if something happened to where I couldnt exercise. It maintained it's end of the deal so I did my best to do the same. Here's how...

*Eat breakfast! -- every.single.day.
No matter if you love it or hate it, breakfast is absolutely the most important thing you can do for yourself in terms of boosting your metabolism, energy and even weight loss. In terms of calories, you should eat the most at breakfast! 1/3 of your total caloric intake for the day should be consumed in the AM! ;)

* Do some form of activity, even if you are unable to exercise intensely.
On the days where I spent time painting, I noticed how much energy I had. I also noticed that I was down a pound or 2 the next day. Painting burns calories too. So do a number of other activities! Keep yourself busy and your body will take notice.

* Calorie Count. (sort of)
Have at least some sort of idea how many calories you are consuming throughout the day. If you keep track, even if you go over, you are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. You will be aware of the things you are eating. It's important!

* Indulge a little.
Have a cookie! Have a piece of cake! Have half of a blizzard.
But that's the point.
A cookie. One. Just one.

* Make smart choices.
Turkey sandwich instead of hamburger.
A couple potato chips instead of that order of fries.
Sugar free instead of large amounts of it.
1% milk instead of whole.
Minor changes and smarter choices make a world of difference in your body!

* Take it one day at a time.
Dont be discouraged if you make bad choices. Dont be discouraged if you gain a single pound on the scale. Or even 10. Life happens. Weight loss, maintenance and even every day choices are a constant effort and work in progress!

Ok, so all of these tips are pretty common sense. However, sometimes we all just need to hear them. Some days are easier in this journey than others. There are days when I feel like I have it all together. I feel skinny, and toned. My nails have grown long and I have conquered my compulsive biting. I eat perfectly and feel fantastic. And then there are the more realistic days when my nails are bleeding from anxious biting, I'm bloated from one too many oreos and I havent worked out in a week. This is just life. It's all ok. We'll have those days. Finding joy and truth in those days is what we should strive for, and I pray that you do!

Braden still has hives and the prednisone is making him an irritable, miserable mess. Please continue to pray for health in his body and for his mother to maintain sanity:)
It is currently storming pretty badly in central Illinois and my man is out delivering mail in the midst of it all. Bless his heart. I know he wont miss this part of the job! We are going to meet him for lunch just to get out of the house soon. Other than that, our day is pretty boring. REALLY boring actually. Lots of cartoons and fussy babes. Whew. This mama is ready for my girl's dinner with Lindsay and Jennifer tomorrow night! Cannot wait to just enjoy their company.
Have a good day everyone. We love you dearly.

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