Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And it lives on...

Currently, Nora has been sitting at the kitchen table for 24 minutes refusing to eat her lunch. She keeps repeating, "I'm done" "I dont like it." (she hasnt tried it). This is the usual routine around here until I get frustrated and let her down. Today, however, she is sitting here until she at least tries her lunch. She is underweight the way it is and I have the hardest time trying to get her to eat anything. Any suggestions? Tips? I struggle with her not eating because I worry. She sits here saying "I dont wanttttt to eaaaaaattttt."
And so the battle lives on.
A couple of days ago My mom was asking Nora how old she was going to be now.
Nanny: How old are you going to be now, Nora?
Nora: I'm three!
Nanny: No, baby, how old are you going to be? You're going to be four next!
Nora: (looking confused) How old are you Nanny?
Nanny: I'm forty-six.
Nora: (Looking extremely excited...) YOU'RE SIX!!!?!
And so as you can see--the obsession with the number six lives on.
Yesterday I took Heidi on a walk. Not a long one. Not a fast one. Just an everyday walking of the dog. When we returned home she acted as if she were going to die. I was hopeful (kidding)--but she did not die. The dog and my everyday adventures with her puppy ADHD live on. The kids were playing like they normally do in the toy room a couple of days ago. All of the sudden, Nora screams, "Heidi pooped!" I ran in to see and sure enough they are all three (Nora, Braden AND Heidi) are standing around the turd just staring at it. I had gotten in there quickly enough to ensure that none of them touched, smelled, or ate it. Thankfully. I saved this day this time, I thought! Five minutes later, she peed on the carpet.
The battle with Heidi lives on!
The battle with the nose ring is not living on. It's officially healing. I may get it re-pierced but I havent decided. Any opinions? Scratch that. No opinions please.
Braden got his first fat lip last night at my mom's house. It was sad. He looks pitiful. But tough. He always seems to look tough. He's just a little guy and it makes me sad to see his little lip so swollen.
Worship went well at Church on Sunday night. I didnt get a chance to really think about it. We just prayed and went for it and I enjoyed it. Honestly, it doesnt matter much how it sounded. Our hearts were beyond pure and I am grateful and humbled at the chance to even sing worship in the pew, let alone try to lead it. Daniel is so talented! I am so thankful God is using his gift for a greater purpose.
Nora has a couple bug bites on her that have really been painful in the last couple of days. Before nap a few days ago she was complaining alot so I told her we would pray over her elbow. When I was done she said, "Now ask Jesus to heal my leg!" So we prayed again. The next day she was saying her bottom was hurting. (She is learning she gets a little attention when complaining about being in pain.) I put her to bed for nap time and when she woke up she excitedly told her meme, "Meme! Jesus healed my pee-pee!" Meme said "what?"
I just laughed. At least she understand that by praying for a healing we receive it with faith. That makes me excited! She's got the best innocence about her.
Last night at my moms, Daniel picked 2 more HUGE pumpkins. They now adorn the front of our house! They're gorgeous. While he was doing that, Nora was in the pasture. She pointed to the smoke in the sky from the tree my dad was burning and screamed, "Mommy! Look at what Jesus gave me! That cloud is beautifullll!"
Yes it is baby. And so are you;)
With the time it took me to finish writing the rest of this post, Nora started eating her food. She is exclaiming over and over again, "I told you mom! I DO like it."
Uh-huh. You told me alright.
The food battle may have ended but the victory lives on! At least for today.
Perseverance saw me through lunch time today. What an accomplishment!
Thank you Lord!

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Of Pandas and Pirates said...

Here's what we do with Miranda to get her to eat her food. If it works for you, great! If not, I hope you find a solution soon.

We have set times for food. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert are all served around the same time every day. We give her a time limit (usually up to an hour for meals and about 15 minutes for snacks). We never pressure her or ask her to eat anything. We give her healthy options and what she eats is what she gets. No arguments. Also, she doesn't get dessert without eating a good portion of her dinner vegetables. We will sit and eat dessert in front of her regardless whether she has some or not. She now will eat just about anything. I have sent her to bed without any dinner before because she didn't eat and I didn't feel bad one bit. She chowed her breakfast the next day though. :) Miranda is on the skinny side, but people are always surprised by how much she eats at meals! Hope that was at least a little helpful.