Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apple N' Pork Weekend.

Hi Aunt Mary! I know you want to hear about our adventures at the Apple & Pork so this is a shout out to you! Wish you could have been here to shop and laugh with me. Miss & Love you!

Due to some recent blogging events, I decided to blog my where-abouts AFTER I attended the Apple N' Pork festival here in town. For those of you who don't live near here, it is a HUGE flea market and craft expo that our town hosts every year. There is good food, LOTS of people and way cute stuff. Usually I wait all year for this one weekend to walk around and look at all of the stuff I adore most! Here is what I walked away with this year--

A sign for our mud-room that I have been wanting for awhile...
A massive pumpkin that I got for a true steal. I have also been wanting this for quite some time but couldnt see spending 30 dollars on it. This one was only $18! Score!

This past week we moved our bedroom. We no longer reside in the longest, most awkward room of our house but in a much cozier master. We are soon going to paint it a pretty red color but for now I was dying for a sign to go above our head. I didnt want the sign that says, "Always Kiss Me Goodnight," because although I love it...everyone has it.
...So I found this one, and I LOVE it! So cute and so true.
Daniel & I before the annual cookout at my grandma & grandpa Moore's.
He's cute.
...and so is she, even if she doesnt want me to kiss her anymore. Geez.
I had a great weekend! I got hired at Sears for the holiday period. I'll be taking pictures and I'm psyched! I start training next week.

Daniel is still working all of his hours and even some over time at the post office which is a huge praise report and blessing in our lives! God's provision is remarkable!

Everything else is the same. Well except my insanely painful cramps. They feel as strong as they were when I used to have endometreosis before I had Nora. That scares me. I cant afford to be in pain like I have been this past week. Will you pray with me?

Abby is also in need of some prayers right now. I dont want to go into a whole lot of detail but if you feel led to pray, please pray for strength, wisdom, courage and...well, more strength. I can see the Lord planning and preparing something extraordinary in her life, but sometimes through the pain it's hard to see that. I know you'll pray and I'm thankful for your friendships.
We love you all.

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