Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The God in everything.

Little feet scatter about me-day in and day out. And still, I see the beauty hidden in their innocence. It overwhelms me knowing that I am their mother.
Responsible for teaching them truth. Pure and Holy truth. Our children are so little. It is now that their minds are being formed. The core of who they will be is being shaped in their little minds at this very time. They listen, observe, retain and thrive on any idea that we deliver to them as truth. They are so little. They know nothing other than what we tell them and what we claim to be truth. They trust that what we are telling them is that which they can depend on. Knowing this helps me to remain focused on the teaching of Godly things. I want them to understand truth.
Since they were old enough to understand how to raise their hands and worship, they have.
Since they were old enough to point to the Heavens when asked where our King is, they have. In my days of parenting, I find struggle in making time for God, such as reading or devotions. It was well over a year ago when one of my best friends, a Godly woman with such awesome wisdom, made it clear to me that our worship to God is in everything we do.
While I am making my children breakfast, and my heart is fixed upon the Lord, it becomes worship to Him. I am honoring Him by raising my children according to His word. In the changing of diapers, the disciplining and correction, the dinner around a table, the exchange of a kiss with their father, the singing of praise, the reciting of scripture, the "Help me Jesus" cries throughout my day, a daddy teaching his toddler how to work. He is in it all. And the pressure is removed. Teaching our children to love Jesus is in the everyday. It's vital, crucial and critical. But, by loving God and living for Him, we are already worshipping Him. We are already teaching them.

I pray that today you wouldn't feel the pressure of questioning your worship time with God. I pray that you wouldnt feel the pressure of teaching your children exactly what you think you need to. I pray that the pressure of reading, praying, sitting, quiet would be removed and you would feel the presence of our King surrounding you in all moments. Let your day to day be your worship. Set your heart and fix your mind upon the Lord and let Him reign in all you do. And in doing that you will be set free from the pressure.
You will be set free from the disappointment.
You will feel the freedom and simplicity of a God who loves you and all you do in Him. "Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us." (Titus 3:5)
Be with God today.
Doing dishes. Folding laundry. Cleaning tables. Vacuuming carpet. Changing clothes. Giving baths. Mowing. Resting. Disciplining. Chatting.
In it all, know that He is there with you. Set your heart upon Him and rest.
Be a God seeker at all times. In all moments.
It is never what we can do for Him anyway.
He is in all things.

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Reese said...

Very Encouraging words. Sometimes we make God harder to please, than He is.... Thanks so much for the post.