Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pictres from the Party!

Braden's birthday came and went-just like I knew it would. It's bittersweet but waking up to his beautiful face after daddy let me sleep in today made up for any sadness I may have been feeling. Looking at these pictures made me smile. Our little party went great. It was beautiful, unorganized chaos with all of people that we love, who love us just as much surrounding us on such a special day!
Before I show you all the pictures from Braden's 2nd birthday, here is one of my girl from Friday night. We went to our first home-town football game and right before we left, we remembered we had a miniature cheerleader jersey for Nora. It's still a little big, but she was the talk of the game! Cute as pie...
Now onto my little man and his big day!
When he woke up, I gave him our presents...
...Nanny called to sing "Happy Birthday!"
Yes, his PJ's are cut off. He got some new one's for his birthday so we're good:)
Finally Nora got up to play with his new toys!
He is a MUCH better un-wrapper this year!
We thought it was so cute how he knew to put his feet up so someone could push him on his new choo-choo. He's totally into trains right now! MeMe got him a totally awesome work bench! He's so smart and was workin all night long!
When Nora woke up from her nap and saw all the decorations, she was SO excited that we were having a party!
Mama & my guy...
Best Friends!
It wouldnt be a normal day around here if they didnt smooch at least one time! Especially on a birthday!
Bubby and his train cake...

Abby & Braden opening presents and figuring them out...
Aunt Jeni & Kylie!
Mama, Dad & Braden
He would make that face...
Singing Happy Birthday. I loved his face & reaction! He loved that it was all about him
And he blew out his candle like a champ! He's a good boy..
Yay! Way to go Buddy boy!
Couldnt wait to get his hands on his cake...
...and Nora snuck in there too...

Daddy didnt wait on the plates, and brother doesnt look too sure. haha. Dont worry, he eventually dug right in!
Me & Kylie
Mama & Aunt Jeni ♥
Me & Katie
Nanny, Bubby & the new choo choo train...
Me & Abby...
Nora, being ornery I presume.
Mama & PooPaw.
Ever wonder where I get my hair? My nose? My mouth or teeth?
Mama & Uncle Jake. My first baby boy:)
Jaden (Katie & Adam's little guy) eating some pizza! Yummmy
and Braden doing the same...
Daddy & Nora figuring out some new toys...
Mama & Daddy. Cant believe our baby is 2:(

Being a mom is such a journey. I'm filled with so many emotions every day. On one hand, I cant believe they're growing so quickly. On the other hand, things are getting so much easier and the road ahead feels almost like a breeze compared to what we have accomplished in the last 3 years with two babies. I am excited at what is to come! Homeschooling, dance class, baseball teams, family vacations. Things that seemed so far away a couple of years ago now feel like they are in my reach. Daniel & I are incredibly proud of this adventure we are on. We constantly find that we are growing together and learning new things about one another and the Lord. He is teaching us so much just by being parents!

I'm glad that this year's birthdays are over. Oh, wait. They're not. Daniel & I both turn 25 this winter. Seems weird. We feel old. But then we realize that we only feel that way because of our unique story. Because of the things we have been through, accomplished and endured. In all reality we are inredibly young. Incredibly blessed, and we are sure without a shadow of a doubt that our best years are yet to come!

In other news:
-Please be in prayer for us as we lead worship at church tonight! We are excited!

-After Braden's party last night, as I was washing my nose ring- it somehow came through the hole towards the inside of my nose. Besides being painful, it was extremely disgusting having to force it back out along with some thick, bloody skin that caused a huge blood bubble around it. I panicked, removed the ring and tweezed off the blood bubble. It took a long time and was an awful experience. Daniel & I tried to get the ring back in but failed miserably. I dont know if I can explain how bad it hurt but I'm sure you can imagine. So while I loved it while it lasted, I'm not sure I'll have it put back in. We'll see, but for now...I have a cute little scab and hopefully a hole that will heal. Ahh, life lessons:)

We love you all! Thank you for being a part of our family's journey as well. You are so much appreciated, and cared about! God bless you!


Anonymous said...

I loved seeing your little man's birthday pictures! It seems like just yesterday you were posting pictures of his arrival! :-) I'm so glad you had a fabulous day!

I just had to say that I can fully relate to your nose ring story! Mine came out while cleaning and it took an hr and 1/2 to get it back in, it was terribly painful! And I was glad my husband was home when it happened b/c I prob would have sid forget it! So frustrating!
Thanks again for sharing pictures!

Anonymous said...

Brandy F!