Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Kids 2009!

And then proceed to see pictures from a few days ago!
Oh how the redheads have grown!
We had such a good time this year and I'm sure we'll be making a few more trips. Fall brings out the best in all of us, I do believe. I hope you're enjoying this transition time between seasons as much as we are!
Braden is quite the lover. He kisses everything! Including Jeni's car everytime she pulls in the driveway. haha.
I have a picture of Nora like this from a couple years ago and it is still my favorite fall picture of all time!
Daddy and Bub were on one end of the teeter-totter and Nora and I were on the other. Brother's face was priceless!
Braden found a tractor. Of course.
Our wagon babies.
In the corn maze.
Daddy spotted this big boy...
Hello Mr. Blue eyes. You're a handsome dude.
Looking at chickens before they decided to chase them...

Braden got brave. But only with Nora's help;) Or so she thinks.

And the chasing begins!!!
Nora was literally belly laughing at those chickens! Which, in turn, made daddy & I belly laugh at her. She was soooo cute!

The bean box-

My love.
Daddy buried brother in the beans. It was either hilarious to him or a catastrophe. There's generally no in between with him anyway.
Me & my guy on the swing!
Pretty Lady.

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Ashleigh said...

Looks like so much fun! I always love seeing your pics...makes me feel like I'm back home for a little bit.

Your hair looks way cute btw!